The allure of Forevermark transcends generations

Renowned actress and model, Janice Man appeared in a special set of videos, personifying the everlasting allure of diamonds for a generation.

The individual

Diamonds do not always have to be a gift. Whether it is because of something that you have achieved, or as an act of self expression, diamonds can be a gift to yourself.

From the romantic to the sophisticated, Janice plays different roles that resonate with modern young women. Just like the rarity of a diamond, each look represents the individual beauty of women. 

The eternal

The beauty and rarity of diamonds have made them into a symbol of everlasting love. Just like the journey you go on as a couple, from the moment it was discovered, a diamond has been on an incredible journey of discovery. Bearing witness to life’s most iconic moments and milestones, a diamond is the most symbolic of all love tokens – and this is a truth that has been passed down through generations.

For Janice, diamonds mean eternal love. ‘Love is so sweet and yet so powerful. Love is often the reason why people strive to realise their dreams. Lovers walk hand in hand, holding on to each other and holding in their hearts precious memories that will last forever. This is eternal love for me.’

The precious

Living in a fast paced and highly connected world, it can sometimes be hard not to be seen as ‘superficial’ in your emotions. Despite this, people find themselves reaching for the classic, the timeless and the traditional. Every generation places the same value on family, friends and marriage, with bridal jewellery always being a key reason to buy diamonds.

Diamonds have been exchanged as part of wedding traditions for hundreds of years, they have become universally recognised as symbols of promise, devotion and everlasting love - a diamond is precious, a diamond is Forever.

‘Diamond jewellery is a blessing on love and marriage, so it’s very precious.’ - Janice Man

Old or young, the allure of a Forevermark diamond transcends generations. Whether it is a symbol of your partnership or commitment to yourself, diamonds are more than just beautiful pieces of jewellery. They are you, they are your story, they are your now and Forever.