A Feline Valentine’s Day with Pak-ho Chau and Zelia Zhong

Following the collaboration of Hong Kong singer Pak-ho Chau with Forevermark on “A Diamond Is Forever” Campaign, Pak-ho continues this creative partnership with the new Forevermark Endlea collection, inspired by the flowing ribbon motif and the concept of eternity.

Pak-ho took up the camera himself for a special Valentine’s Day photo-shoot where he partnered with Zelia Zhong and her special feline friend Tommy. The lovable and cuddly Persian cat Tommy is sure to bring that feeling of extra sweetness of the special day.

On this photoshoot, Pak-ho spoke of the significance of cats in his life. “I have had six cats over the years and they accompanied me over my career, be they the high or low points, so cats are an important part of my life. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it brings the memories and also how I’ve grown over the years,” said Pak-ho.

“Cats are cool, nonchalant creatures but can be, at times, very affectionate,” said Pak-ho. “I think cats and women have a lot of similarities in their characters; I hope the audience can see aspects of this in the photographs.”  Photographing animals are known to be a difficult task for any professionals, and in this photoshoot, Pak-ho was able to photograph Zelia and Tommy while she showed off the Forevermark Endlea collection.

In the series, Zelia wore a long sapphire gown, a fire-red dress and a peacock blue ensemble, and Pak-ho also jumped in to appear in a selection of shots with Zelia and Tommy.

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