Michalis Christodoulou - Valentine's Day Illustrations

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, De Beers Forevermark commissioned London based, renowned fashion illustrator Michalis Christodoulou to create a series of exclusive artworks that celebrate the unique journeys that two people embark on together as a couple.

Behind every great love story, there is a journey. From the dreams pursued together to the wonders of the world discovered side by side, these illustrations show couples from around the globe, excited about where life has taken them so far and the possibilities ahead of them. Each of these beautifully crafted illustrations by Christodoulou depicts how the love between two people can make any journey worthwhile, especially when those special milestones are celebrated with a De Beers  Forevermark diamond.

Specialising in fashion, beauty and jewellery illustration, Christodoulou is renowned for his distinctive hand-drawn style and live art performances. His passion for glamour and fashion began from an early age which consequently inspired him to be an illustrator. He says, “I always dreamt of offering something unique to the fashion industry with my drawing skills”. This enthusiasm for creating unique illustrations parallels De Beers Forevermark’s own pursuit of absolute beauty, and our commitment to sourcing only the most beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds. 

This collaboration gave Christodoulou the opportunity to explore those real moments between couples that ignite deep love. He says: “I am really excited to be working with De Beers Forevermark, a prestigious diamond brand. This commission is really unique for me as I have never before captured real moments between couples in such a variety of settings. It also gave me the opportunity to draw real emotion and portray couples on such different journeys.”

I try my best to create illustrations that people can identify with and perhaps make similar journeys, and possibly seal those moments with a De Beers Forevermark diamond.

Whilst producing the illustrations for De Beers Forevermark, which took anywhere between a few hours, to a few days for one illustration, Christodoulou found that he connected with the drawings, by considering the creative journeys he embarks on every day:  

“The couple’s journeys portrayed in these illustrations mirror my own daily journey of discovery. I work very hard on a daily basis to become more versatile and more creative. I think it’s extremely important to surround yourself with people who have similar dreams and can help you on your personal journey of discovery.”

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Take a look at the enchanting illustrations created by Michalis Christodoulou, and let stunning Forevermark diamonds inspire your journey together.

'Forever' for me means the endless discovery of love, beauty, fashion, style and art. I wish I could draw forever.