Corliss & Sai Mun –
Everlasting companions

Finding Forever


Full of ideas and aspirations, Corliss and Sai Mun met on their first day of college. Like it was meant to be from the start, although on opposite sides of the classroom, Sai Mun was the first person that Corliss spoke to that day.

With an immediate friendship formed, as they were both keen on sports and taking part in multiple college activities, they quickly became inseparable. This marked the beginning of their Forever.

Finding Forever

With their partnership beginning just as friends, Corliss and Sai Mun built towards their Forever journey.

For Sai Mun, having been almost inseparable with Corliss through college, when they went their separate ways at university, it was then that he realised just how much he missed her and that he couldn’t be without her. This was the defining moment for Sai Mun, when he realised that Corliss was the one.


Missing her, that is when I knew that I wanted to be more than just friends.
Sai Mun

For Corliss, from developing their friendship to a relationship, after just a few short months together she knew that he was the one that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. He was who she could talk about anything and everything with, be silly with and laugh with. With him, she could always be herself.

The engagement story

Wanting his proposal to be memorable and having always enjoyed experiencing new things and travelling to new places together, it was only fitting that Sai Mun chose to propose when they were volunteering at a turtle sanctuary.

Throughout their stay they were having to check on the turtle’s nests, and this is when Sai Mun took his opportunity.

Whilst out digging, Corliss came across a small toy egg, however she didn’t think anything of it, but after being prompted by Sai Mun she opened up the egg. Inside sat a small toy T-rex holding a diamond ring. To this day, Sai Mun still fondly remembers her surprised reaction turning into the widest smile he had ever seen, and for Corliss it is a memory that will forever stay in her mind.

The proposal will forever stay in my mind and the story will be told over and over again.

A symbol of everlasting love

Sai Mun wanted the perfect ring to go alongside his memorable proposal. He wanted it to show to Corliss that she was the most precious person in his life and that he would love her forever.

He picked a ring that was as beautiful as she is, a classic De Beers Forevermark solitaire diamond ring. For Corliss, it was perfect.

The silver lining

Every relationship can go through hardships, but it is these hardships that build and make relationships stronger. For Corliss and Sai Mun it was when they had to make their relationship work long distance. Time apart from one another can be difficult but Corliss and Sai Mun ensured that they worked even harder to stay in touch with one another. They would video call and message to check in, share how their day had been and how they were feeling.

Going through this made them what they are today and now, even after ten years together, they look forward to each others companionship every single day.

Forever is…

Forever for Corliss and Sai Mun is having that everlasting companion, someone that you can share your life with and learn and grow together. As long as they have one another, they have the strength to overcome any hardship.

Their future and forever together will be full of surprises but Corliss and Sai Mun are on that adventure together. Whether it’s travelling, volunteering or having children, they will be ready for whatever the future brings, growing old together and fulfilling a life full of hopes, travels and dreams.

Forever is knowing that as long as you have one another, you have the strength to overcome any hardship.
Sai Mun

Forever is to be explored together.

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