How to Propose the 2nd Time


How to propose the second time around

Proposal guide


We understand the importance and significance of a second marriage proposal, whether you’re proposing – or being proposed to - we’re here to help you. Be inspired and follow our guide below on how to propose the second time around.

Make your proposal personal and unique

The most important thing with any engagement proposal is to make it a unique reflection of your relationship.

 When thinking about how you would propose to your partner, consider their personality and tailor your proposal ideas accordingly. If they’re shy, an intimate proposal may suit the moment better, whereas if they are outgoing a more show-stopping proposal could be more suited. Read our Unique Proposals guide for more inspiring ideas on where and how to propose.

Remember, it’s completely normal to be nervous about a proposal even if you, or they have done it all before – this does not detract from how special and significant this moment will be for you both.


Speak from the heart

“Think about what is special in your relationship – memories, moments, places – and channel those into your marriage proposal,” says De Beers Forevermark’s Head of New Product Development, Federica Imperiali. “This is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with so tell them what they mean to you”.


Think about what is special in your relationship – memories, moments, places – and channel those into your marriage proposal.
Federica Imperiali
Proposing in front of friends

Who to involve in the big moment

Ultimately, this is an important moment between the two of you. But if sharing it with both of your families and friends is important, decide how and where to include them: during the proposal itself or a celebration after you have proposed. 

Top tip

The fewer people you tell in advance, the easier it will be to keep the proposal a surprise.

Asking other members of the family

How you approach your proposal is down to what you think will make your partner happy, but if applicable, don’t feel obliged to ask their children or parents for approval. If your partner has children, it may be more natural to let them announce the good news. Read our How To Propose Guide for more hints and tips. 


Involving Family Members in a Proposal
Changing Engagement Rings

Consider a different style of engagement ring

No matter what it cost or how beautiful it is, needless to say, try not to reuse the engagement ring from your first proposalNot only is a proposal the second time around a perfect opportunity to do all the things you may wish you could have done the first time, it’s a great excuse to surprise your partner with a different style of diamond ring to represent their individual style and personality.

“Show your other half exactly how much they mean to you by giving them the engagement ring of their dreams.” says jewellery consultant Maia Adams of Adorn Insight. 

If this is their second engagement ring, they may welcome the opportunity to try a new style.
Maia Adams

Top tip

For helpful advice on how to choose the perfect proposal ring, read our Diamond Engagement Ring Guide or article on Classic Diamond Jewellery: The Solitaire Ring.


Whilst you’re choosing a new ring for your loved one, why not treat yourself to a new ring, too? “There is a growing trend for couple rings as a means of expressing your commitment to one another,” says Federica Imperiali. “A couple’s ring is the ideal outward sign of your togetherness.”

Read our Couple rings guide to learn more about the trend and how to tailor it to you and your loved one.

2nd Proposal Engagement Rings

A declaration of love

A second proposal is not always easy but whether your proposal is for the first or second time, you are declaring your love for your partner and it is a moment that is special and should be celebrated and cherished Forever.


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