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Proposing to your partner is a once in a lifetime moment, so you will want to ensure that you come up with a memorable proposal idea. From the simple to the ‘statement’, make yours one to remember, and be inspired by our unique proposal ideas.


Romantic proposals

The way we express our love is constantly evolving, but sometimes being a traditional, hopeless romantic can be the best approach to your proposal.

Why not go to your favourite restaurant for a romantic meal out but with a twist. You could arrange for “Marry me?” to be printed on the dessert plate so you’ll be able to see their reaction when they realise what it says, this is your cue to then get down on one knee and pop the question – if you’re feeling nervous about getting down on one knee or what to say in the proposal moment, read our useful guide on How to propose to your partner


Simple proposal ideas

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. If you enjoy the quiet, more intimate moments that you share together, why not pop the question on a lazy Sunday morning, or to make it even more special you could make them breakfast in bed. If you’re feeling playful, write out your ‘Marry me?’ message in toast or have your proposal printed in the bottom of the inside of their favourite coffee mug.

You could also have a night in, whether it is cooking them their favourite meal or watching their favourite movie. Tell them how much you’ve enjoyed spending this time together and finish by popping the question.


Holiday Proposal Ideas

Proposing while on holiday 

Planning a holiday proposal is a romantic gesture in itself. But why wait until you’ve landed at your dream destination? When you're on the plane, with the flight attendants’ permission, use the announcement system to propose at 35,000 feet.

Alternatively, if you want it to be more intimate, propose at sunrise or sunset at the beach. With a beautiful backdrop this will be the ideal opportunity to capture the perfect engagement selfie. Read our guide to taking the best engagement ring selfie to discover all the tips on how to capture the best selfie.


Top tip

Proposing on holiday means travelling with the engagement ring. Keep it with you at all times safe in its ring box, but be sure not to put it in a clothing pocket in case your loved one spots it during security checks. Also, don’t forget to make sure you have adequate insurance.

Creative Proposal Ideas
Creative Proposal Ideas

Creative proposal ideas

Organise a treasure hunt that leads your other half on an adventure to places that are meaningful in your relationship. Use notes, or voice messages, to explain why each place is significant and how to get to the next point. Finally, be waiting at the end of the trail with a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Another creative way of proposing is to have a Halloween pumpkin-carving contest. Whether this is with friends and family or it’s just the two of you, carve your proposal message into the pumpkin. For more advice on how to propose on a special occasion or during the festive period read our Festive Proposal guide.


Outdoor proposal ideas

If you both like to hike or run, why not plan a running route that spells out “Will you Marry me?”. At the end of your run you can use a GPS tracking app to view it together, and then when they realise what it says, get down on one knee to propose.  

Or why not register a star in their name and point it out to them whilst on an evening walk or sat in the garden.

Top tip

Remember that the weather can be unpredictable so you might want to have a back-up plan if you feel an unexpected rain shower will spoil the moment.

Outdoor Proposal Ideas
Fun Proposal Ideas

Fun proposal ideas

Do you or your other half have a pet? Why not put the engagement ring on its collar ready for your partner to find – just make sure the pet doesn’t run off before the big moment!

Or, if you both love music, why not propose at a gig or festival, in the middle of their favourite song by one of their all-time favourite bands?

Leap year proposal

For something that you can’t take advantage of everyday, why not propose on February 29th? February 29th, the leap day that occurs in a leap year, only happens once every four years. According to traditions, the leap day is the only day that women can propose to their partner on, so if you’re looking to be less traditional, consider proposing on February 29th. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare for it, as the next leap year is not until 2020.

Leap Year Proposal

The beginning of Forever

There is no single best place to propose, but however you choose to propose, whether it is a grand gesture in front of hundreds or an intimate moment just the two of you, it will be right for you. Your engagement marks the beginning of your journey, and it will be a moment and memory that you will both remember Forever.


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