Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Defining Forever

When I think of Forever, I think of responsibility and I think of integrity because these are the only two values with which you can create something that is going to be timeless.

In a celebration of natural beauty and divine craftsmanship, Indian fashion designer Sabyasaschi Mukherjee and De Beers Forevermark make a perfect partnership. In anticipation of his forthcoming De Beers Forevermark diamond jewellery collection in India, Sabyasachi explores what Forever means to him.

Growing up in Kolkata, Sabyasachi’s mother was an art teacher, and his father an engineer – a career which he encouraged his son to pursue. Sabyasachi had other plans, selling his books to pay for his admission into the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Now a successful businessman fronting his powerful fashion brand, he pioneers traditional textures and crafts and adds his own modern twists to create timeless pieces.

Responsible sourcing and sustainability are paramount to Sabyasachi’s design work. He believes that all within the fashion industry should be accountable for the precious resources that are used. He states, “Sustainability and development in fashion and ethical sourcing just go hand in hand.”

Diamonds have a personal resonance with Sabyasachi. As a mark of his success within the fashion world, he bought his mother a diamond ring. A moment precious to them both. For Sabyasachi, diamonds mark a memory to last forever: “When you give people a promise of quality and timelessness people can come back to it again and again, because they know they can enjoy it for a lifetime.”  

De Beers Forevermark is proud to have collaborated with the pioneering couturier to design a new collection of De Beers Forevermark diamond jewellery, the Forevermark Zanyah™ Collection by Sabyasachi, inspired by a fusion of classic architecture and contemporary style. The Forevermark Zanyah™ Collection launched exclusively in India in 2017.  

Now, Forever

We are believers in Forever. Through the twists and turns, the ups and downs, everyone goes on a different journey towards true love. Every step you take now, is a step towards your Forever.