Rebecca Louise Law

'White 2016'

British Installation artist, Rebecca Louise Law partners with De Beers Forevermark to create a bespoke floral installation artwork, inspired by the beauty of De Beers Forevermark diamonds.

Rebecca Louise Law is a British Installation artist, best known for creating colossal 3D sculptures using natural floral materials and copper wire. The enduring theme of nature, and the belief that no natural material should be wasted is intrinsic to Rebecca’s artwork, and underpins the partnership between De Beers Forevermark and Rebecca Louise Law to create a bespoke piece, ‘White, 2016’. This intricate sculpture, created from 17,000 individual elements was the centrepiece for the De Beers Forevermark Cocktail Event on the eve of Milan Fashion Week, which celebrated De Beers Forevermark’s passion for design and innovation along with our commitment to responsible sourcing. 

Discover how the purity and brilliance of De Beers Forevermark diamonds inspired ‘White, 2016’, and see the artist in action from hand-cutting and entwining each individual flower in copper wire, to the ethereal beauty of ‘White, 2016’ in its complete form. 

‘White 2016’ is inspired by De Beers Forevermark diamonds. I wanted to create an installation which would reflect how pure this brand is, and how pure the diamonds are.



What inspired you to start creating floral installations? 

"I was studying Fine Art and working with oil on canvas, my subject always began with colour and nature. I felt frustrated with the limitations of working in 2D and I wanted the viewer to have a more holistic experience of the natural world. I remembered my parents hanging dried flowers from our attic beams this memory has inspired confidence in using flowers as a reliable sculptural material. Since 2003 I have been experimenting with the longevity of flowers and their relationship with the viewer." 

Who and what has inspired your work as an artist? 

"Nature inspires me, I love the infinite patterns and colours. Sharing these treasures on earth with the viewer and experimenting with the interaction between nature and man drives me. From an early age, my parents taught me to observe, document and share the beauty in nature. Now as an adult I find their love and guidance inspirational."

How did De Beers Forevermark diamonds inspire your design for 'White, 2016'?

"The purity of diamonds and the ethical ethos of De Beers Forevermark made me immediately think of ‘White’. I wanted to create an installation that demonstrated the beauty and wonder of a diamond and the sensitivity of the De Beers Forevermark brand. Like diamonds, the artwork will play with the light and envelop the viewer."

I wanted to reflect how pure this brand is and how pure the diamonds are.

What makes this commission unique?

"Every artwork is unique. This installation is a collaboration between myself and De Beers Forevermark. I am inspired by the depth of thought, the consideration for mankind and the nature that goes into sourcing each diamond.

The purity of this brand excites me; Having the opportunity to respond to De Beers Forevermark’s ethics and sensitivity has led me to create an installation of the purest and most subtle form to date. This installation will be created in a beautiful Italian courtyard, working mainly with natural light and breeze. The artwork will reflect light in a similar way to a diamond."

What message and what emotions do you want to convey through this installation?

"Consideration into where a natural material comes from and the process behind the completed artwork. We all appreciate the beauty that this earth gives us, but it’s important to celebrate this beauty ethically.

I want the viewer to feel like they are standing within a field of diamonds, enveloped by nature within a fantastical sky of white and light.

Following the event, ‘White, 2016’ will be dismantled and the flowers will be reworked into individual artworks to ensure the longevity of the piece, and the endurance of the natural materials that it is formed of."

I want the viewer to feel like they are standing in a diamond. - Rebecca Louise Law


Cocktail event on the eve of MFW

On the eve of Milan Fashion Week, De Beers Forevermark held an exclusive cocktail event within the prestigious and historic Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

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