Cleaning Your Diamond


A diamond's brilliance depends on the amount of light that can enter it. Over time, it will be exposed to dust, grease, natural oils, and household chemicals, all of which can prevent light from entering, and therefore reduce its shine. 

For a simple way to clean your diamond on a regular basis, use hot soapy water and gentle brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush.

You can also use a solution of one-part ammonia to six-parts water, rinsing well to renew the sparkle.

Non-abrasive jewellery cleaners are available at many drugstores, and are a good alternative to brushing. Make sure the cleaner is safe to use on the metals in your setting, as well as on the diamond itself. After cleaning, rub gently with a soft cloth.

It's recommended that you take your diamond to your Authorised Forevermark Jeweller for a professional cleaning once every six months. The Jeweller can also inspect your diamond for any weakness or trauma, making sure that the diamond remains safe in its setting..

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