House of Waris for Forevermark

“This spring I went on a journey of discovery.  To the origin of my materials. To the source. To witness the process. To see with my own eyes where diamonds come from. And the impact Forevermark has on the people and the land. An experience that’s going to stay with me forever.” -Waris Ahluwalia

House Of Waris

The Inspiration

House of Waris jewels, designed by Waris Ahluwalia, which are coveted by fashion icons and sold at the finest boutiques, are timeless creations crafted through Old World techniques from India and Italy. 

 In recent years, House of Waris has become increasingly interested in working with diamonds, and in Spring 2013, Ahluwalia traveled to southern Africa with Forevermark to witness the journey a Forevermark diamond takes from the mine to becoming a finished, polished gem. Visiting places of historic importance on the Diamond Route, from the Kimberley mine in South Africa to an active mine in Botswana, Ahluwalia saw firsthand the ways in which diamonds from Forevermark are giving back to the communities in which they are mined, cut and polished. 

The Diamond Journey

Watch as Waris follows a Forevermark diamond on the incredible journey from the mine to the finished masterpiece that lives in a piece of jewelry.