Forevermark Golden Diamonds

There are golden moments in nature when the sun’s rays illuminate the world with truly breath-taking beauty. A Forevermark Golden Diamond naturally encapsulates these moments and reflects them forever.

Forevermark Golden Diamonds

At sunrise, the warmth of the sun’s rays spreads across the earth, casting moments of delicate beauty. Everything seems to align. It is the world at its best, a promise of endless possibilities. A Forevermark Golden Diamond captures this promise and reminds you of it throughout the day.

The collection consists of handmade rings and pendants set in platinum and 18k gold, with 22k gold accents, featuring Forevermark Golden Diamonds of a half carat and up. The collection features mostly radiant and cushion shapes, from Light Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow. Forevermark Golden Diamonds meet the De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds’s stringent standards for beauty. Each piece is tailor made based on the unique features of the center diamond, and no two items are alike, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Forevermark Golden Diamonds are handcrafted by the Dalumi Group, an Authorized Forevermark Diamantaire and Manufacturer. Established in 1960, with offices in the US, Asia and Europe, the Dalumi Group is a leading diamond and jewelry manufacturer.

Forevermark Golden Diamonds Cushion Split Shank Ring

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