Forevermark x Jade Trau

Crafted exclusively for Forevermark, jewelry designer Jade Trau presents her new collection, which will be available in 2018. 

The Collaboration 

As a fifth generation diamantaire, Jade draws upon her family heritage to create jewelry with a synergy between her past and her present – she intrinsically understands the beauty of a diamond and how to design pieces that best showcase its brilliance.

The Forevermark x Jade Trau collaboration is the next evolution of her partnership with Forevermark, effortlessly marrying the world’s most beautiful and carefully selected diamonds with Jade’s attention to detail and commitment to quality. The resulting collection features timeless, personal, wearable pieces that celebrate the beauty of a Forevermark diamond.

The Inspiration 

As a young girl, Jade would visit her grandfather’s office where she would sort through parcels of rough diamonds. With wonderment, she watched the rough diamonds transform into the faceted shapes they were destined to become, recognizing a piece of herself in each one. 

With four diamond shapes – emerald, round, pear, and marquise – at the core of the collection, it was Jade’s intention to design jewelry that evokes the same connection to diamonds that she developed at a young age. This passion is imbued into The Forevermark x Jade Trau Collection, inspiring women to form this bond and reflect their personality through the diamond shapes as Jade hopes to convey with her designs.   

The Vanguard: The emerald shape reflects the woman who is bold, determined and genuine.

The Sophisticate: The round diamond represents a woman who is classic, gracious and loyal. 

The Envoy: The pear-shaped diamond introduces the creative, intuitive and compassionate woman.

The Maverick: Represented by the marquise shape, this woman is adventurous, independent and spirited.

The beautiful, handcrafted pieces feature these four extraordinary diamond shapes, and will be available in yellow, white, and rose gold. From delicate pendants, to edgy earrings, to sophisticated rings, the collection can be layered or stacked to complement your unique style. 

The Forevermark x Jade Trau collection showcases the true beauty of a Forevermark diamond in a way that is unique to Jade’s design style. The Vanguard, The Sophisticate, The Envoy or The Maverick; which will you be? 

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