A flower is a symbol of love. A Diamond is a symbol of love that will last forever.

This Mother’s Day give the gift of eternal love.

Gifts For Mothers – DIAMOND LATTICE BRACELET – Forevermark

Gerber Daisy

To symbolize the simple beauty of eternal love.

Diamond Lattice Bracelet

Gifts For Mothers – FOREVERMARK SETTING™ STUD EARRINGS – Forevermark

Forget Me Nots

To always remember your favorite memories with your truest friend.

Forevermark Setting™ Stud Earrings

Gifts For Mothers – DIAMOND BAND – Forevermark


For your pillar of strength; graceful, beautiful and enduring.

Diamond Band

Gifts For Mothers – EVER US TWO STONE DIAMOND RING – Forevermark


For a mother with a warm heart and a gentle strength.

Ever Us Two Stone Diamond Ring

This Mother's Day give the gift of love that will last forever.

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A mother's love is forever in bloom

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A mother is the heart of every family, every home. She is the truest friend anyone could have. 

Each mother is different, just as each flower holds a unique symbolism, whether that be gentle strength, kindness, grace or beauty. They can all be given as a gift of love. But flowers, by their nature, are ephemeral. They are a gift that does not last.

A Forevermark diamond is a gift that will last forever. It is an everlasting reminder of a mother’s love, both for and from her child.

For Women. Forever.

We believe that thriving, sustainable economies not only benefit from, but require the full and equal participation of women and that it is every woman’s right to give and make her contribution. Forevermark, as part of The De Beers Group of Companies, contributes to the provision of good quality healthcare and education, and supports women entrepreneurs and their businesses.