Diamond Necklaces

Each Forevermark diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced, ensuring you can wear your Forevermark diamond necklace with pride. A powerful symbol of self-expression, there is a Forevermark diamond pendant necklace shape, setting and metal for every woman, for every occasion.

Diamond Necklace Shapes

Less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to become Forevermark.

The cut and shape of your chosen Forevermark diamond pendant is a subtle reflection of your personal style.

Heart Diamond Necklace 

A Forevermark diamond heart pendant is a unique cut. Similar in shape to a classic pear diamond with an additional cleft, the heart shape is as modern as it is sophisticated.

Round Diamond Necklaces

Brilliant round is an iconic diamond shape that lends itself to a variety of jewelry pieces. A classic cut, a round diamond necklace has brilliant light performance, fire and scintillation. 

Stylized Diamond Necklace 

Forevermark diamond necklaces and pendants are classic, timeless, and beyond beautiful. When a Forevermark diamond is placed into a stylized necklace design, marrying stunning shapes with elegant settings, their full brilliance is revealed.

Diamond Necklace Settings & Metals

Forevermark diamond necklace settings are designed with the diamond in mind, elevating each piece to the height of its inimitable sparkle. Expertly crafted to ensure each diamond is kept at center stage, a Forevermark necklace setting is as individual as the shape of the diamond that sits within it.

The choice between yellow gold, white gold,rose gold and platinum is as unique to you as the selection of your Forevermark diamond. While each metal is equally beautiful, the chosen metal can alter the meaning and appearance of diamond pendants and diamond necklaces, which should always reflect the style and uniqueness of the wearer.