Unique Millennial Traditions Are Setting a New Standard in Bridal Trends and Bringing New Meaning to Marriage


When it comes to the Millennial Generation, the one thing they fear most is being ordinary. And what’s the antidote to ordinary? Unique and rare. So when it comes to planning their wedding day, couples are looking to stand out and make a statement in some very creative ways.


Trending Registries

Gone are the times of traditional department store drudgery. Millennials are registering for items to fit their lifestyle. From Hi-Tech registries that include electronics, gadgets, app-controlled devices; Modern registries that include art, accessories, flatware and furniture; Crowd-funding registries to pay for homes and honeymoons; Charity registries where guests can donate to the chosen cause or foundation the couple supports.

Unique Wedding Party Gifts

Millenials are not interested in giving ordinary gifts. They’re opting for timeless, rare, and personalized diamond jewelry gifts that speak to their generation. Millennials are electing to purchase from socially responsible brands, like Forevermark, and research shows they are even willing to pay a premium to do so. From diamond ear cuffs and studs for the bride, to personalized nameplate necklaces for bridesmaids, to diamond cufflinks and tie pins for the groomsmen, these trending gifts add sparkle and show appreciation.

Unexpected Destinations

When it comes to destinations, Millennials are smart and seeking out unique locations that provide breathtaking backdrops that require little to no décor. From Wild West wildernesses, castles, private estates, museums, national parks, trees houses, and even caves! Millennials are personalizing their big day with distinctive flair.