A Diamond Is Forever

Follow their journey through billions of years in the making, and discover fascinating myths, legends and love stories all sparked by diamonds.

The history of diamonds as a symbol of love

A gift of a diamond is not just one of exceptional beauty, it’s also steeped with powerful meaning – meaning that has been shaped and evolved over hundreds of years, and been embraced by different cultures.

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Journey of the Force of Nature Ring

In 2017, Forevermark inscribed its two millionth diamond – a 3.48 carat round brilliant diamond bearing the unique inscription of ‘2,000,000’.

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The British royal coronation and crown jewels

The British coronation is a ceremony full of history and ritual, with pledges and promises from the sovereign to their people that are made to last a lifetime.

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Classic Diamond Jewelry:
The Solitaire Ring

The much-loved solitaire ring is timeless - a classic piece of diamond jewelry.

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Classic Diamond Jewellery:
The Three Stone ring

After the royal engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring has been a source of inspiration to couples.

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Classic Diamond Jewelry:
The Tennis Bracelet

The much-loved tennis bracelet is a true icon – a classic piece of diamond jewelry.

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The power of ‘A Diamond Is Forever’

Recently celebrating its 70th anniversary, the iconic ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ line was a moment of inspiration...

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The woman that had an influence on Forever

The four-word sentiment that started out in 1947 as just a moment of inspiration is as iconic today as it was then.

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Famous diamonds

From the biggest diamond ever discovered, to the oldest diamond known to man, such a precious gem is bound to have fascinating tales to be told.

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Diamond facts

Nearly as old as the earth itself, discover incredible, little-known diamond facts.

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Force of Nature

Discover the story behind Force of Nature, a Red Carpet masterpiece created by aspiring jewellery designer Louise Kriek.

Beyond the 4Cs

Throughout history, diamonds have dazzled and amazed. At Forevermark, we individually select diamonds against additional rigid criteria to ensure that only the most beautiful diamonds can become Forevermark.

Now, Forever

We are believers in Forever. Through the twists and turns, the ups and downs, everyone goes on a different journey towards true love. Every step you take now, is a step towards your Forever.


Diamond Facts and Diamond Legend images with kind permission of  Studio Mierswa-Kluska (http://www.mierswa-kluska.de/ )
© Studio Mierswa

Historic images from Getty Images