Classic Diamond Jewelry:
Hoop Earrings

Timeless and versatile, the iconic hoop earring never goes out of style. 

What are hoop earrings?

Available in an array of styles, from small and delicate to statement-making shoulder grazers, hoops are earrings in the form of a circular band. As opposed to studs which sit on the front of the ear, and drop earrings which hang straight down from the earlobe, hoops typically encircle the ear from front to back.


History of hoop earrings

As one of the oldest items of jewelry, the first recorded instance of hoop earrings being worn dates back to Sumeria in 2600BC. From then they have gone on to be a powerful symbol worn by cultures through the ages and all around the world – from pirates and ancient Egyptian statues depicting cats wearing gold rings in their ears, to today being an emblem of identity and empowerment amongst different communities and cultures.

Award winning earrings

Today, hoops are also often a popular choice in completing and adding sparkle to red carpet looks. The 2019 Golden Globe Awards, saw Sandra Oh accept her Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV series for her role in Killing Eve, wearing stunning Forevermark diamond hoop earrings. The design was inspired by one of the planet’s most intriguing reptiles, the snake, which wraps elegantly around the suspended central two carat Forevermark round brilliant diamond. The Nature’s Beauty Earrings are a part of the Forevermark Red Carpet Collection.

In 2016 Margot Robbie also showcased the classic earring, wearing an incredible pair of inside-out diamond hoop earrings for the 88th Annual Academy Awards, also part of the Forevermark Red Carpet Collection.    

Why choose hoop earrings?

From mini and discrete to big and bold, and a whole range of metals to choose from, hoops are available in a vast array of styles. Federica Imperiali of Forevermark says “Depending on the hoops you choose, they can look classic and elegant or modern and fun and given the trend for multiple ear piercings, hoops look great when mixed and matched with earrings in other styles.”

As well as this, with their curved silhouettes, they perfectly frame and flatter the face, so whatever your taste, you’ll be able to find a pair of hoops that suit you and express your individuality, making them the perfect gift to treat and celebrate yourself with.

Given the trend for multiple ear piercings, hoops look great when mixed and matched with earrings in other styles.
Federica Imperiali Head of product development, Forevermark

Selecting your hoop earings

There are a number of factors you may like to consider when selecting your perfect hoop earrings. 

Metal Type

One way to choose your hoops is to pick a metal color which compliments your skin tone, or base your choice on your personal style.

For an all-time classic which can look both contemporary or vintage, opt for yellow gold, or if you would like something more unique with a romantic quality, select rose gold. Alternatively, white gold, or platinum, will accentuate your diamonds and give the hoops a more modern look. And if you still cannot choose and you love all four colors, feel free to mix metals and wear them together.


The distance between the bottom of your earlobe and the end of the earring is known as a hoops' drop. Use this measurement to ascertain your perfect hoop size, whether it’s a pair of mini hoops that hug the lobe or large hooped earrings that graze the shoulder.

“As the trend for wearing statement earrings has grown, larger hoops are becoming everyday jewels,” says Maia Adams of Adorn Insight. “Captivating hoops can be worn throughout the day and exude laid back glamour.”


As well as playing a key role in your hoops’ overall style, settings showcase diamonds off to their greatest advantage. The modern-looking bezel setting encircles a central diamond with a thin metal rim. The minimal prong setting enhances light reflection, which therefore emphasizes the diamond it holds. Whilst a halo setting, with its concentric circle of smaller diamonds, makes the central diamond it surrounds look larger.


Hoop earrings come in an amazing variety of styles, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. As well as size, you’ll want to think about profile – do you want wide or narrow hoops? And shape – is your preference for circular hoops or would oval suit you better? Consider whether to opt for open crescent hoops or closed hoops, and whether you like vintage or modern aesthetics.


Other elements you may want to think about include decorative details such as a lattice setting, beaded embellishments, or a single diamond suspended from the hoop like a charm. And if you want to ensure that your hoops look stunning from all angles, opt for hoops that feature diamonds both inside and outside the hoop.

Hoop earrings Forever

Whether you opt for simple and sophisticated or big and bold, with their versatility and array of styles, hoop earrings have become a classic piece of diamond jewelry and a piece to be cherished Forever.


Stock image 1: Unsplash / @just_alina
Sandra Oh image: Paul Drinkwater / NBCUniversal / Getty Images
Stock image 2: HEX /
Margot Robbie image: Dan MacMedan / WireImage / Getty Images

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