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One of the most remarkable and alluring traits of a diamond is that no two are ever the same. Similarly; short, long, slender or wide, there are different engagement rings to flatter each and every hand size and finger shape. 

Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring

Careful consideration of your loved one’s hand and fingers will help you select a diamond engagement ring that is as special and individual as they are. It is important to also note the preferred length and shape of their nails. Are they kept short, long or manicured? Remember that longer nails will have a lengthening effect on fingers.

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Hand and finger shapes

When it comes to selecting your loved ones diamond engagement ring it’s important to choose a design that flatters their finger shape, as well as appeal to their sense of individuality. With a few simple guidelines, it will be possible to find a ring that incorporates the diamond of your partner’s dreams into a treasured ring that is as flattering as it is Forever.

Longer fingers

Long fingers will suit most styles. Princess-cut and Round diamonds are especially popular for this finger shape; however, Cushion, Oval and Asscher are all good options, too.

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Long and slender fingers

When long fingers are also slender, almost any diamond shape and setting will further accentuate the length. However, it may also be worth considering a wide setting. This will widen the look of the finger and make a statement when supported with a striking gem arrangement. 

“As the trend for statement rings makes a welcome return, consider investing in a trilogy of diamonds, which draw the eye across the finger,” says Federica Imperiali of De Beers Forevermark.

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A cluster of bigger diamonds, dramatic solitaires, yellow diamonds, bold geometric cuts, and architectural shanks will all create a stunning focal point that is full of personality.
Federica Imperiali, De Beers Forevermark

Longer and fuller or strong knuckles

For a long and full finger shape, graduated diamond bands, three stone diamond rings, and wider bands, are most flattering, drawing the eye along, rather than across.

Choosing a more prominent or ornate setting will draw attention away from strong knuckles, or for a similar effect, opt for a statement ring with multiple bands.

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Fuller fingers on smaller hands

Flattering diamond shapes for full fingers on smaller hands include oval or pear. With this finger shape, you could also consider a daintier setting – from softening floral inspiration to a halo of round diamonds.

De Beers Forevermark expert Imperiali further affirms this flattering style, “Elegant shapes that taper are really worth exploring, too, both on the shank and in terms of diamond shape. With its streamlined sensibility, a sleek bezel setting will evoke a confident modern look that allows both diamond and finger to play a starring role”.

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Petite fine-fingered hands

For petite, fine-fingered hands, Juliet Hutton-Squire of Adorn Insight recommends that “it’s important not to overpower, so think about the proportions and opt for understated or delicate designs and smaller diamonds”. With oval and pear diamonds being especially flattering.

Again, a lighter setting is most complimentary for this finger shape. Think less is more.

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Finding your Forever ring

Although it is key to find an engagement ring that suits your partner and is everything that they dream of, it is what your engagement ring represents that is most important. To be worn for a lifetime, it’s your memories made together, the milestones you’ve reached and the ambitions you’ve achieved. Just like your love for one another it is your representative of your now and your Forever. 


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