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When it comes to proposing to your other half, as this is such a pivotal moment in your life, you may wonder what is the most romantic way to propose or even simply when to propose? Therefore, often many people choose to propose during a significant time of the year, that has that extra touch of magic. Follow our guide below to be inspired by our festive proposal ideas. 

Christmas proposal ideas

“Engagements reach their peak in winter with Christmas Eve proposals being the most popular, followed by Christmas Day proposals,” says jewelry consultant Maia Adams of Adorn Insight. “If it’s snowing outside on the big day, write the words “Marry Me?” directly in the snow.” Alternatively, use mistletoe to your advantage to seal your Christmas engagement with a kiss.

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The Christmas period can be an expensive time of year so if you’re planning to purchase an engagement ring our Engagement ring budget considerations guide will help you plan your finances.


If it’s snowing outside on the big day, write the words “Marry Me?” directly in the snow.
Maia Adams

Valentine’s Day proposal ideas

This is one of the most popular times of the year to propose, so if you’re planning on getting engaged on this romantic day, our Valentine’s day proposal guide has lots of helpful tips to make it go smoothly..

“The three-stone diamond ring represents the past, present, and future of a romantic relationship,” says De Beers Forevermark’s Head of New Product Development, Federica Imperiali. So a great way to pop the question on Valentine’s Day is to offer your partner three roses each of which also represents one of those three important phases. Tie the engagement ring to the stem of the third rose and use it to ask your loved one to be yours forever. 

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Thanksgiving proposal ideas

Spending time with loved ones is a key aspect of any Thanksgiving celebration, so why not propose over your Thanksgiving meal? Follow the Thanksgiving tradition of each person at the table writing something they are thankful for on the tablecloth and in your message, let your partner know how grateful you are to have met them and include a proposal in your words.

Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas
Hindu Diwali Proposal Ideas

Diwali proposal ideas

During the Hindu Festival of Lights, you could think about using diyas (oil lamps) or candles to spell out your marriage proposal. Alternatively, create a rangoli design to pop the question by incorporating the words “Marry Me” into your design.

Lunar New Year proposal ideas

Although red packets are usually used to give gifts of money from adults to children you could adapt the tradition and surprise your loved one on Lunar New Year by presenting them with the ring inside a symbolic red envelope.

Alternatively, you could propose during the Lantern Festival. “Historically, this day – which marks the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations – was a time when young people were chaperoned in the streets in hopes of finding love,” says Federica Imperiali. “How about reviving this old tradition and proposing on a romantic walk?”

Chinese New Year Proposal Ideas

Special Anniversary Proposal


Proposing on a special anniversary

Every relationship has its special moments so you could use the anniversary of one of these occasions to pop the question. 

Consider returning to the spot where you met, or had a first date. If you took a selfie together back then, take your engagement selfie in exactly the same location and use the images to create a ‘then and now’ post for social media. For tips on engagement ring selfies, discover our How to take the perfect proposal selfie guide.

Holi Marriage Proposal
Hindu Holi Proposal Ideas

Holi proposal ideas 

The Hindu Festival of Colors lasts 24 hours during which the arrival of spring is celebrated. The Holi tradition of throwing handfuls of colored powders (known as gulal) draws on the legend of Krishna who painted the face of his would-be love Rhadha so their skin would be the same color. It is said that couples often celebrate Holi by painting their faces the same color during the celebrations – why not do this and then end your Holi celebration with a proposal?  

Why not channel the color theme of your Holi proposal by choosing an engagement ring design that features a yellow diamond, or yellow or rose gold metal.

Summer and winter solstice proposal ideas

As well as being the longest and shortest days of the year respectively, the summer and winter solstices both represent a turning point in the year and around the world different cultures celebrate various holidays, festivals and rituals on or around the solstice periods.

“Many of these festivals celebrate new beginnings making this an ideal occasion on which to tell your loved one that you wish to enter a new phase of life with them,” says Maia Adams. “As the solstices are so connected to nature, why not make your proposal in the great outdoors – on a beach, on a river cruise or during an idyllic picnic.”

For many more proposal ideas, which you can adapt to the festive season, read our Unique Proposal Ideas Guide.

Summer and Winter Solstice Proposal Ideas

From the everyday to the occasion

Whenever you choose to propose, whether it is on a special day, a specific time of year or just spontaneously in an everyday moment, it will be a special occasion for both you and your partner, as it is the day you are promising to spend the rest of your lives together, always and Forever.


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