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A proposal is one of the most special moments within a relationship and the list of possible places, and ways, that you might propose to your partner are endless. For one of the most romantic proposals, and to make your February 14th extra special, we have curated our Valentine’s Day proposal top tips. 

Plan your proposal

Whether your aim is to surprise your loved one with a ring on Valentine’s Day, or choose a ring together after the proposal, it’s important to plan and research as much as possible.  

Locate reputable jewelers and use our Diamond Engagement Ring Guide for help choosing the ring. Avoid any awkward moments by using our Ring Size Guide to ensure that the ring fits perfectly. 

Finally, research potential proposal locations and visit them at different times of the day to get a feel for them. Bear in mind that places may be more busy than usual on Valentine’s Day.

Nerves are normal

As it’s such a big milestone in everyone’s life, it’s understandable that asking someone to marry you may feel a little daunting, so being nervous is normal. 

Look for clues

If you need extra inspiration when selecting the perfect ring or deciding how best to propose, you can pick up clues from your intended’s social media feeds, magazines left open, or comments they make on other people’s engagements. Do ask their friends for help, too. They can provide valuable insight into your beloved’s likes and dislikes, as long as they can be trusted to keep a secret.

Be on trend

Current jewelry trends are great for inspiration too, especially if your other half is a follower of fashion. Halo settings, solitaire diamonds and cocktail rings are all popular choices, which can all be selected according to personal style. If your future partner is a little more adventurous you may want to consider alternative metal colors, mixed diamond shapes, or a ring that could be stacked in the future.

Capture the moment

For such a romantic and unforgettable Forever moment in your journey together as a couple, your other half will be thrilled if you book a photographer to capture the memory in a photo. Jewelry can be tricky to photograph, so a professional’s eye will ensure the ring is shown at its very best and that this special moment is captured Forever. Of course, if they are camera shy, you might want to just get a few quick phone snaps for posterity, but do think about how they would want to look, and be dressed for the occasion to ensure they feel comfortable.

Personalize your proposal

Any proposal should be unique and personal, so when considering how you would propose to your partner think about whether a grand gesture or a more intimate moment would best suit you as a couple.  

Although it’s good to be creative; whether it’s investing time to write a handwritten note of your most cherished memories together or creating a photo album of your journey together, don’t be afraid of clichés. Love stories were built upon these classic notions of romance. Whichever way you choose to propose, the memory of your engagement will be treasured by your partner Forever. 

Cherish the engagement ring

It can be tempting to hide the ring in order for your loved one to find it at a given moment. Think carefully about this. Not only can hiding a ring in food or a drink raise certain safety concerns; getting the ring dirty will reduce the brilliance of its diamonds. There’s also a chance that the ring may get lost if it’s hidden somewhere unexpected that is known only to you. 

Enjoy the moment

As much as possible, when it comes to the day of your proposal try and relax and enjoy the moment. Try not to build up expectations about your loved one’s reactions to your Valentine’s Day proposal and don’t worry if either of you sheds a tear, it’s an emotional and significant moment for you both. 

The Forever proposal

Although your proposal may be one of the most important days in your life, the meaning behind your proposal is what is most important. It’s a declaration of your love, a symbol of your commitment and a promise of your future and your Forever.  

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