Landscapes worth protecting

Southern Africa is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. From jagged mountains to lush foothills, from vast plains to glistening seas, it guarantees astonishing vistas at every turn.

This magnificent setting is home to a breathtaking range of majestic wildlife and the incredibly diverse ecosystems that sustain them. It is also home to treasures of a different kind – some of the world’s most spectacular diamonds.

So when it came to creating images designed to bring the Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection to life, it was a natural step to shoot them in South Africa, where many of these spectacular diamonds originated. This allowed the photographer to take advantage of settings as exceptional as the diamonds themselves.

The Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection is available
in the US and Japan.

Protecting South African Wildlife
Forevermark Conservation Efforts

Protecting wildlife

Respect for nature is deeply ingrained in the De Beers Forevermark philosophy, as it is throughout De Beers Group. In fact, for every hectare of land the group uses for mining, it dedicates six hectares to biodiversity conservation.

In all, an area of around 200,000 hectares is managed for conservation, some of it home to several endangered species – including the white rhino. So De Beers Group is investing in projects that conserve and grow the white rhino population, before releasing individual animals back into the wild.

South Africa Environmentalism

For an ecosystem to thrive, it doesn’t just need large populations of plants and animals, it also needs variety. So De Beers Forevermark and De Beers Group are working to conserve and restore high levels of biodiversity in areas along the Diamond Route, a series of beautiful, protected destinations around the De Beers Group’s mining areas in southern Africa..

These initiatives are just part of De Beers Forevermark as part of the De Beers Group’s enduring commitment to responsible sourcing, and to conserving the natural world for the benefit of future generations.

Forevermark and De Beers Water Scarcity Initiative
Forevermark Water Conservation

Protecting the planet

As well as protecting the areas where diamonds are found, De Beers Forevermark as part of the De Beers Group is dedicated to conserving the wider natural world. And of all the gifts of nature, water is the most precious. As a co-signatory of the United Nations CEO Water Mandate, De Beers Group is committed to combating water scarcity, and has set significant targets for cutting water use.

De Beers Forevermark has also set out Integrity Requirements that sets high environmental standards for the company and everyone who works with them, from diamond cutters and polishers to jewelry manufacturers and retailers, covering energy and water consumption, waste and emissions, and more.

The Earth created Forevermark’s Exceptional Diamonds over billions of years ago. Now De Beers Forevermark is working to assure a future for the planet that provided these rare gifts.

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