Megan & André –
Forever at each other’s side

Finding Forever


After working at the same company but never working directly with each other Megan and André were finally introduced at a work dinner. André still remembers how he was immediately taken aback by Megan’s beauty, her confident presence and her fun demeanor; she made him feel like he was the only person in the room. And Megan knew that there was something really special and intriguing about André.

After talking all evening, it felt like they had known each other their whole lives, even though they had only just met – it was the beginning of their Forever.


Finding Forever

André knew from the moment they first met that Megan was going to be different than anyone else. After just a few weeks dating, long conversations and spending more and more time together, he realized that she was the one; he had met his best friend and his life partner. When you know, you just know. 

From the moment we first met I knew she was going to be someone special in my life.

The defining moment for Megan was how André made her feel after spending time with him. He inspired her to step outside her comfort zone, to try new things and to be a better person. He had made her feel optimistic about love and to embrace the special bond that they had. It was then that she knew that he was the one, and she couldn’t imagine life without him.  

I reached a place where I just knew I wanted to do life with him Forever and couldn’t envision us not being in it together.

The engagement story

André wanted the perfect proposal for Megan so he could show her how much she meant to him, so he took her on a surprise vacation to Paris. André had managed to pull off one of the best surprise trips as it wasn’t until the plane descended into Paris and Megan saw the Eiffel Tower that she realized where they were going. With Megan crying with happiness, he couldn’t have picked a better location to surprise her with. 

On their second day in the city and after exploring the streets of Paris all morning, they decided to get a picnic and go to one of the city’s beautiful parks. It was then after the picnic, in Champs de Mars with a view of the Eiffel Tower that André got down on one knee and asked Megan to marry him. Megan still fondly remembers how happy she was in that moment that he had asked her to spend Forever with him.  

A symbol of everlasting love

For André, proposing with a diamond engagement ring was very important to him. After growing up closely with his grandparents he saw the unconditional love that his grandfather had for his grandmother. Over the years, his grandfather had bought her many diamond rings to symbolize his love for her, and André had fond memories of his grandmother’s diamond rings sparkling in the sunshine. 

Ever since this, André always knew that was what he wanted for his own future relationship. So, for André, a diamond engagement ring would symbolize their love and commitment to one another and it would stand the test of time. 

When thinking about choosing the engagement ring for Megan, there was one place that André thought of immediately. Every Saturday morning, they walk their dogs through the town, and walk past their local jewelers. Megan would always have a glow about her when she would look and talk about the rings, so André knew that this would be the perfect place. As soon as he saw the ring he knew that it was the one and that Megan could wear it with pride with its beautiful De Beers Forevermark diamond. He also hoped too, that just like he had done with his grandparents, that his future grandchildren would look up to him and Megan and want to replicate what they have.

The silver lining

When going into a new relationship you have to consider both yourself and your partner, and this can mean that you don’t always agree with each other or get your own way anymore, a challenge that both Megan and André had to learn to overcome.

When learning how to resolve this, they discovered that being in a relationship with someone Forever involves each person committing to clear communication through both the good and the bad times and learning to compromise with one another. 

They learnt that they need to be there for each other, they need to continue to communicate and they need to be open with one another. By following this it makes them stronger as a couple as they know that no matter what, they’ll always figure it out together. 

I remember thinking to myself when I was young, that’s what I want for my future wife. A diamond that was a symbol that showed our love and commitment to each other and that would also stand the testament of time.
Forever means having one person you know you are going to go through life with – the ups, downs and everything in between and regardless will share an unconditional love and support for one another.
Diamond Engagement Ring - Proposal in Paris
Forevermark Engagement Stories - Megan and Andre

Forever is…

Forever for Megan and André is being committed to going through life together as both individuals and partners. It’s about the good times and the bad and the extraordinary and the everyday. It’s getting through anything that life is destined to throw at them but seeing them as adventures and always, no matter what, Forever being at each other’s side. 

Life’s about building experiences with the people you love, and with Megan, I couldn’t have found a better partner to experience life with Forever.

Forever is always being at each others side

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