The empowerment of females through the eyes of four inspiring women

Extraordinary, individual and passionate; De Beers Forevermark has collaborated with Who What Wear and four inspiring and influential women to celebrate the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection – a collection that pays tribute to the unique qualities and characteristics of a woman.

Just like De Beers Forevermark, each of these unique women stand up for and believe in the empowerment of females.

Here, Dylana Suarez, Janelle Marie Lloyd, Maddie Greer and Melis Lin explain the female inspiration in their life, what they feel it means to celebrate women and how the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection celebrates the power of women’s impact, femininity and a modern change of thinking.


Dylana Suarez

Fashion blogger, writer, stylist, and photographer, Dylana Suarez is a firm believer in the power of influence, and especially that of a woman.

Working alongside many strong-minded and creative women that have influenced her in what she does, Suarez believes that it is so important to celebrate the women in your life. For Suarez, it is “knowing our strengths, and that we can have all different kinds of strengths, and not limiting ourselves to anything.”

For Suarez, her mother, with her perseverance, independence and determination is the woman that most inspires her and who she has always looked up to, always encouraging her to be strong and to speak her mind. The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection for Suarez represents the women in her life as it has something for everyone. 

There’s a little bit of something for everyone. I feel like each piece is very beautiful, but they all go together even though they’re so different.
Dylana Suarez

Janelle Marie Lloyd

Buyer, wardrobe and prop stylist, brand consultant turned-blogger, Janelle Marie Lloyd is passionate about celebrating women. Whether it is your close friends, your family or women you don't even know, Lloyd believes it’s important to be supportive and excited for their achievements and to make sure that you take a moment to pause and appreciate even the smallest of accomplishments. For Lloyd, she is “inspired by the movement going on with women right now, and every woman who’s out there being an entrepreneur, marching to the beat of her own drum.”

The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection to Lloyd represents the appreciation of the hard work of each and every female. Receiving it from a loved one makes it even more special as it symbolizes how proud they are of you and your achievements.

Maddie Greer

However small or big, photographer and blogger Maddie Greer believes that there is so much for women to celebrate. Celebrating women is also to inspire and be inspired. Working for herself and not answering to anyone, just as she is inspired by so many women, Greer too hopes to be an inspiration to others.

An inspiration to Greer, is her mother. Running her own business for over 30 years, she worked hard to put all her children through school and to provide them with every opportunity. Something that Greer hopes to achieve herself in work and for her family. 

For Greer, the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection is so special as it celebrates women, who they are and what they’ve accomplished. 

I can give my mom a simple necklace and know that she always has a piece of me. Same goes if she gave me one, and I think that’s really special.
Maddie Greer

Melis Lin

Entrepreneur, traveler, investor, and blogger Melis Lin always strives to be original and doesn’t give up easily. 

Striving for female empowerment and entrepreneurship, Lin believes we should celebrate women by supporting each other, lifting each other up and being more patient and understanding of one another.

For Lin, this is something that the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection does; it stands for being entrepreneurial, creative and unique. “It’s something that you can pass from generation to generation or give to loved ones”.

For Women. Forever

Dylana Suarez, Janelle Marie Lloyd, Maddie Greer and Melis Lin are just some of the unique and brilliant women that The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection celebrates. Each of these influencers inspire us with their passion for the empowerment and celebration of women, something that we too feel strongly about with our ongoing work for For Women. Forever.



Interview: Who What Wear
Maddie Greer: @maddiegreer 
Janelle Marie Lloyd: @waityouneedthis 
Dylana Suarez: @dylanasuarez 
Melis Lin: @melotones 

The Forevermark Tribute Collection

Discover The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection, celebrating the unique and brilliant woman who wears it.


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