Protecting the Natural World

A De Beers Forevermark diamond is a lifelong reflection of the beauty, perfection and infinite variety of nature. As part of the De Beers Group, we support the numerous initiatives run by the De Beers Group which honor this deep connection between diamonds and the earth. 

We are especially proud of our protection of the landscapes and ecosystems throughout the diamond-producing regions of Southern Africa and Canada. For every hectare of land used for mining by the De Beers Group, six hectares are dedicated to the conservation of nature. The De Beers Group has set aside around 200,000 hectares of land around its mines for this purpose. This includes a 15,669 hectare game park in Botswana, which is home to more than 1,700 animals and a field unit for Cheetah Conservation.

De Beers Group has been active in rhino conservation for many years, including conservation, breeding and relocation programs.  One animal under severe threat is the white rhino. Currently, conservation projects implemented by Debswana, a De Beers joint venture with the Government of Botswana, support a significant proportion of Botswana’s white rhino population through initiatives that conserve and grow the population before releasing individual rhinos back into the wild. 

There are so many similarities between diamonds and nature, as each diamond has its unique characteristics, most animals are unique. Each zebra has its own pattern of stripes and the same for the spots of a leopard.
Piet Oosthuizen, Senior Manager Ecology and De Beers Properties

The Diamond Route

The De Beers Group’s commitment to biodiversity and conservation programs along The Diamond Route, a series of rich and diverse sites, covering around 200,000 hectares throughout southern Africa, dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, habitats and wildlife. Here, as elsewhere, the De Beers Group requires that legally designated protected areas and key biodiversity sites be respected, and that there be no mining in World Heritage Core Areas.

Working with others

The De Beers Group is a proud co-signatory of the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate (2009).

Furthermore, we are proud to work together with fellow businesses to protect our environment. In 2013, De Beers in South Africa co-founded the National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) and the Endangered Wildlife Trust to help and encourage other businesses to protect local wildlife and their habitats. The De Beers Group also collaborates on local projects, such as WWF, South Africa's wetland restoration project in the Sand River basin, Limpopo.

Okavango Eternal

Through Okavango Eternal, De Beers is partnering with National Geographic to help protect the source waters of the Okavango Delta.

Our five-year partnership will expand National Geographic’s existing work to protect the Okavango Basin, which spans Angola, Namibia and Botswana, from the growing risks of climate change, population density, water diversion and commercial agriculture further upstream.

Aligned with our Building Forever sustainability commitment, Okavango Eternal focuses on partnering with local communities and protecting this extraordinary natural wonder for future generations.

Image credit: Kostadin Luchansky/National Geographic


World Rhino Day

In support of World Rhino Day, De Beers Forevermark has collaborated with Taiwanese artist and curator Shih Li-Jen. Shih Li-Jen discusses with De Beers Forevermark how the rhino has inspired his work.


For Women. Forever.

De Beers Forevermark understands the important role that women play in thriving economies and believe that their full and equal participation is both a right and an economic necessity. Discover how De Beers Forevermark supports women and their families in diamond producing countries by providing access to education, healthcare, professional training and enterprise development programs.


Mark of Integrity

De Beers Forevermark diamonds only come from carefully selected mines that are committed to high business, social and environmental standards.


Responsibly Sourced

Sourcing De Beers Forevermark diamonds responsibly means that throughout their journey from rough to polished diamonds, particular care has been taken to ensure responsible business practices, to support for the advancement of women and to protect the natural world, which is the ultimate source of our diamonds.


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