Some Bonds Can Never Be Broken

The Forevermark Encordia™ Collection.  A symbol of eternal and enduring bonds, honouring the promise that seals your love story.

The Encordia™ Collection

Throughout the world’s history, knots have been used to signify love, union and loyalty. Drawing inspiration from this ancient tradition, The EncordiaCollection has been designed to echo the ‘Knot of Herakles’. Also known as the ‘true-love knot’, its entwined form symbolises the strongest bond that can exist between two people. 

Inspired by an ancient symbol, the sinuous design of interwoven loops is held in place by a De Beers Forevermark diamond.
The strength and courage of Herakles, son of the Greek god Zeus, is emblemized by a precious De Beers Forevermark diamond.

Whether a bond is of love, friendship or loyalty, each is personal and unique. Each carefully-selected De Beers Forevermark diamond is inscribed with an individual number that identifies it as yours forever - making it the perfect way to seal all of life’s eternal promises. 

Encordia® Solitaire Pavé Ring

The Encordia® solitaire diamond pavé ring is inspired by the ancient Greek knot of Herakles and is available in white gold, yellow gold, and more.


Encordia® Solitaire Inverse Pendant

An Encordia® solitaire inverse pendant is unique in style and is inspired by the knot of Herakles. The diamond pendant is available in various metals.


Encordia® Solitaire Stud Earrings

A beautiful and timeless gift, the Encordia® solitaire diamond stud earrings are inspired by the ancient Greek knot of Herakles, available in many metals.


Encordia® Solitaire Pavé Pendant

The Encordia® solitaire pavé pendant is a timeless gift, it holds a unique solitaire Forevermark diamond which is delicately set on the knot.


Encordia® Solitaire Cufflinks

Inspired by the ancient Greek knot of Herakles, the Encordia® solitaire diamond cufflinks represent the strong bond you share with your partner.


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