As Unique As Your Story

The Forevermark Millemoi™ Collection.  Celebrate all that you are with a design that embodies the many layers in the life of every woman.

The Millemoi™ Collection

A title that combines the Italian for thousand, ‘mille’, with the French ‘moi’, meaning ‘me’, The Millemoi™ Collection is a celebration of the myriad facets that comprise each woman’s personality.

Mother, wife, partner, colleague or friend – the many different roles every woman plays are encapsulated by Millemoi™’s truly unique, diverse design.

A multi-layered design inspired by the many different strands of a woman’s unique life story.
Circles, bands and tassels are crafted in many shades of gold, combining to represent a woman’s memories, dreams and emotions.

A woman’s story is made from the big occasions in her life, but also the smaller, quieter moments too. The Forevermark diamond at the core of each Millemoi piece embodies what lies at the heart of this story – a woman’s own special sparkle. 

Millemoi® Solitaire Long Circle Pendant

The Millemoi solitaire pavé long circle pendant features a unique Forevermark diamond. Available in both white and multi-gold.


Millemoi™ Solitaire Long Circle Earrings

The Millemoi solitaire pavé long circle earrings feature five elegantly-looped circles, featuring Forevermark diamonds accented in pavé detailing.


Millemoi® Pavé Solitaire Ring

A Millemoi™ pavé solitaire diamond ring is crafted in an elegant pavé, six prong setting and features five bands, held together by a Forevermark diamond.


Millemoi™ Solitaire Circle Earrings

The Millemoi solitaire circle earrings feature responsibly sourced Forevermark diamonds. A design that represents different facet of a woman's life.


Millemoi™ Solitaire Bangle

The Millemoi solitaire bangle is beautifully crafted to celebrate the many layers of a women's unique story, featuring a stunning Forevermark diamond.