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Whilst love is a universal emotion, no two relationships are ever the same. So, when it comes to expressing your commitment to that special someone, consider doing it in a way that is as unique as the bond you both share.

A way to do this is with couple rings. Diverse in symbolism, couple rings often represent the step between dating and engagement and are worn to show your commitment to one another, however their significance often varies from couple to couple. Ultimately though, even if you don’t plan to get married, couple rings are a statement of equality within a relationship, representing your love and devotion to one another.

Did you know

In South Korea, couples often choose to wear couple rings after 100 days of being together as a symbol of their commitment and respect for their partner.   


What is the difference between a couple ring and an engagement ring?

Couple rings are a modern concept and a way for couples at any stage of their relationship to celebrate the special moments that they have had together and to express their partnership.  An engagement ring may follow a couple ring, to symbolise the promise of marriage. Read our diamond engagement ring guide for more inspiration. 

Unique couple rings

Adding to the appeal of couple rings is the fact that they allow you to get creative. Whilst diamond size and number of diamonds are primary considerations when choosing engagement and wedding rings, your couple rings are a great way to immerse yourself in a diamond ring design that's a little more experimental.

Selecting your couple rings

Whether you opt for a classic look or want to be more contemporary, there are a number of points to consider when choosing your couple rings set. Follow our tips to ensure you select the perfect rings.

What finger should we wear our couple rings on?

As you will probably keep your rings on at all times, ensure they are suited to everyday wear.

Also, remember that whilst your ring finger is the traditional placement for engagement and wedding rings, couple rings can be worn on any finger. .

What design should we choose for our couple rings?

Choose designs that reflect your personal styles. If you and your partner have similar tastes, opt for a matching couple rings set.

Alternatively, you may want to consider complementary rings, which, whilst different from one another, share similar features to express your union as a couple. It is entirely possible to create a unique and custom couple rings set, based upon your style preferences.

Remember, whether they are matching or complementary, select rings that are in proportion to your respective hand sizes.

What metal should we choose for our couple rings?

If you choose to wear matching ring styles, create a more unique look by opting for the same ring but in different metal colours. Depending on your choice of metal, the same ring can then have very different appearances, from modern elegance to vintage romance.

Alternatively, if you wear two different styles, choosing matching metals, such as a white or rose gold, will create a more united couple rings set to reflect your commitment to one another.

Should our couple rings feature diamonds?

When it comes to adding some sparkle, why not consider a combination of diamond shapes and a variety on the number of diamonds.

For example, a simple band featuring an emerald-shaped solitaire diamond is great paired with a cross-over ring embellished with multiple emerald-shaped diamonds. Or, a rose gold ring pair that champions round brilliant stones in a mix of setting styles.

What setting should we choose for our couple rings?

The setting you choose is also important in displaying a sense of harmony between rings.

For example, a classic prong-set diamond solitaire that sits above its band is unmistakably related to, but different from a prong-set solitaire embedded within a band.

Similarly, a channel setting that extends around one ring will contrast appealingly with a row of channel-set diamonds that sits flat along the top of the other ring.

You can also explore subtle design flourishes, such as metal texture or dainty beadwork detailing, as a way of introducing symmetry between your rings.

Forever couple rings

Whatever you ultimately choose, whether you and your other half opt for entirely different styles to express your individual personalities or a matching couple rings set, the main thing is to celebrate the love that you have and the moments that you share with the person of your heart’s desire and your Forever.


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