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Getting engaged is a big moment, and one you’re probably going to want to capture on camera. So why not get selfie ready and get snapping by following our guide to discover how to take a good selfie of your engagement ring.   


Lighting on point

Engagement ring selfies taken outdoors in diffused natural light work best. Artificial lighting can lead to blurry photos so if you choose to shoot indoors, try to set up your shot near a window. Also try and avoid using the flash, as a diamond’s facets can reflect the flash back into the lens which could result in your selfie looking over-exposed.

Top tip

Always remember to watch out for shadows cast by you or your phone.



Technical tips

If you want to take a close-up picture, instead of using the zoom physically move your camera lens and tap the screen so that the focus will be on the ring.

Top tip

Use the buttons on your head phones to remotely trigger the camera’s shutter rather than using the button on your phone, this will reduce shaky and blurry images.




Angles are everything

Take photos from various angles to make sure you capture all the details of the diamond engagement ring. To show off the ring’s setting opt for a side shot, whilst a shot taken from above will highlight the diamond’s shape. 



The perfect backdrop

The engagement ring is the centre piece of your ring selfie, but remember that the backdrop will frame it, so choose a setting or prop that will enhance, rather than distract from the finished image. The place where you got engaged or holding a glass of sparkling champagne are good starting points.

Technical tips for engagement ring selfies
Technical tips for engagement ring selfies
Further technical tips for engagement ring selfies
Further technical tips for engagement ring selfies



Nail it!

Ensure any hands and nails that are featured in the image are neat and clean to show off the ring. But if your nails aren’t looking their best and you still want that selfie straight away, use clever framing to position untrimmed nails outside the shot or alternatively, take your photo holding hands.

Top tip

Apply moisturiser before your shoot to make your hands look smooth.


Strike a pose

There is a definite art to striking those engagement ring poses. The main thing is to keep any hands featured in the image relaxed so that skin looks smooth. You can do this by holding the ring finger hand out with the fingers pointed upwards or by holding a prop. A tilted angle – either by moving your phone or hand – is more flattering too as pores and hairs are diminished.




The chosen one

You will, of course, take lots of engagement ring selfies to achieve the perfect shot. But when it comes to making the final edit, one perfect photo that you can share with friends and family will be much more effective than multiple photos.

Edit away

Use your phone to edit your engagement ring selfies to a professional standard. Filters are an easy way to enhance the atmosphere, with nostalgic and romantic qualities being popular choices. Or perhaps add a frame or soften the image’s edges so that your ring is defined whilst everything around it blurs.



The caption for your engagement ring selfie should convey this once-in-a-lifetime moment. It might be sentimental and personal to you, a humorous play on words, simply the date and time of the proposal or if you want a more playful way to express your emotions, say it with emoji’s.

Also, consider the hashtags that you could include on the caption, whether this is personalised for you as a couple, perhaps including your surnames, or using more popular hashtags such as #engaged #diamondring #isaidyes or #inlove.

Top tip

If you are sharing a picture of your De Beers Forevermark diamond engagement ring, don’t forget to use #Forevermark and tag us @Forevermark too!




Sharing your Forever

Once you’ve created your perfect engagement ring selfie, it’s time to share it. Whether you choose to do so with a select group of family and friends, or on your social media accounts, keep things short, sweet and personal and prepare to be showered with congratulations and compliments.

A picture says a thousand words

Capturing the perfect engagement ring selfie will not only give you a beautiful image that you can share with your loved ones, it will capture a moment of celebration and love between you and your partner. A moment that you will be able to look back on and remember Forever.



Images 1 - 2 and 4 - 5: Nathan AllenStock Image 6: Wang Xi /; Image 7: Nathan Allen

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