Capturing the exceptional

De Beers Forevermark recently commissioned a series of spectacular photographs designed to bring the mystique and allure of our Exceptional Diamond Collection to life. These striking portraits were shot in the magnificent landscapes of South Africa, where many of the diamonds originate.

Forevermark Exceptional Diamonds are more than simply rare, each one is breathtaking in its own individual way – a true “one of one”. The photography captures four distinct personas that represent the unique characteristics of four very different diamonds.

The Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection is available
in the US and Japan.

The Eternal Sky is a diamond whose endless reflections and refractions give it a dreamlike persona, and the image it inspired shows an almost mythical character standing in a lake, graceful and serene.

The Atacama Sky has a particularly sparkling brilliance, and this classical elegance is portrayed by a brightly lit woman in white, reminiscent of a fallen star.

The intense colour of the Jewel of Capricorn lends it a dynamic, extrovert personality, depicted by someone standing purposefully on a clifftop, her fiery garments blowing in the wind.

And the Song of Lyra’s exceptional size gives it an astonishingly bold presence, represented by a resolute female figure in an imposing mountain setting.

This beautiful series of photographs is built around positive, aspirational images of women, part of De Beers Forevermark’s commitment to working with UN Women and the HeForShe movement to promote gender equality through its marketing campaigns – as well as in many other ways.

Uniting for women

De Beers Forevermark is proud to be part of the De Beers Group and its partnership with UN Women, uniting together for the advancement of women across its business and in the group’s diamond-producing countries.

De Beers Forevermark understands the important role that women play in thriving economies, and believe that their full and equal participation is both a right and an economic necessity. By providing access to high-quality healthcare, education, professional training and enterprise development programmes, the De Beers Group aims to support women with their ambitions and career prospects.

The partnership operates in the diamond-producing countries of Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada. In southern Africa, the focus is on helping women entrepreneurs, giving them the skills they need to grow their businesses, increase their income and create sustainable jobs for themselves and their communities.

In Canada, the program funds scholarships for women who are interested in studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, with a commitment to identifying potential indigenous candidates from the Northwest Territories and Northern Ontario. Scholarships have already been announced with the University of Waterloo and the University of Calgary.

The women of De Beers Forevermark

Since announcing the launch of its partnership with UN Women in September 2017, De Beers Group has been working to more than double the rate of women appointed to senior leadership roles, with a commitment to achieving parity in the number of women and men appointed into senior leadership by the end of 2020.

This is part of a holistic approach focused on attracting and developing women at all stages of their careers. It includes a review of talent attraction and development processes, the rollout of unconscious bias training, the establishment of a reciprocal mentoring programme and a review of recruitment guidelines.

Women are vital to the success of every organization – and every community – and De Beers Forevermark is dedicated to helping them thrive.

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