Ai Tominaga

Defining Forever

For me, forever means the thoughts of people. They will never fade, but keep shining forever.

In addition to being a top global model, Ai Tominaga also actively conducts social contribution activities as an ambassador for the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP), an international NGO. Long-associated with Forevermark since its launch event in Japan in 2009, this year she received the Forevermark Award, commemorating the 20th anniversary since her debut. Ai Tominaga shared her thoughts about forever and her current feelings.

For me, forever means the thoughts of people. As time passes, people age and material objects also deteriorate. However, the thoughts of people will never fade but keep shining forever.

The brightest and most unforgettable day in my life was when I had my son. It was a moment of mystery, which transcended every event in the past. In that moment, I didn’t care about how he will grow up or what he will become. I was just profoundly grateful for that new life and him being born into the world as my son.

Diamonds are said to be a symbol of forever. I have a lot of experience as a model wearing diamonds on set. Of course, I admire them, but because of that, I seldom wear them in my personal life. When I received this award, I finally felt that diamonds are very close to me. This necklace has become truly special to me.

Two diamonds, which are shining close together, always remind me of my Dear

I heard that the two diamonds in this Forevermark Two D® collection necklace represent a connection with one’s Dear. What I think of first, of course, is my son. I stopped working for about three years, because I wanted to have time to spend with him. When I wear these diamonds, I always feel the same warmth as when I am with him. I sometimes have issues while raising him, but when I wear this necklace, I feel my gratitude for him welling up inside of me.

Moreover, looking at this necklace on my palm, I am charmed by the distinctive shine of the Black Label diamonds. It is completely different from other diamonds and shines very strongly and beautifully even under indoor illumination. I thought it was unconventional to combine a square-shaped diamond with a heart-shaped diamond, but then I noticed that the coexistence of different characteristics has a certain similarity to me.

Forevermark diamonds make women shine

I also respect Forevermark as an ethical brand. These days it is very important to disclose the background and the persons involved in manufacturing. In the fashion industry, ethical behavior has also become very important, although the movement is quite recent. Beyond your passion for diamond quality, I am also impressed by your decade of sincere and continuous efforts to be an ethical brand.

I am also moved by the fact that Forevermark diamonds make women shine. I heard that Forevermark not only supports women in producer countries, but also performs natural conservation activities. Because I also conduct a variety of social contribution activities, I sympathize with many your activities.

I believe that today will be another unforgettable day in my life. At this historic moment when Forevermark celebrates the 10th anniversary from its global debut and I simultaneously celebrate the 20th anniversary since my debut, I hope this necklace will highlight special moments for the rest of my life. Of course, in my work, it would be great if I had the opportunity to walk down the red carpet while wearing this. Even in my personal life, I will be happy if I have many events worthy of wearing this necklace.

I would like to grow further following today’s happy event. I will make efforts and work hard for your continued support. Additionally, I would like to be someone who shines forever like a diamond.

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