Alice Hirose

Defining Forever

A continuation of every moment that reflects changing emotions may be what I call Forever.
Alice Hirose

Japanese actor Alice Hirose displays her gift in numerous works. Since childhood, she has adored diamonds and her eyes are still dazzled whenever she comes across a diamond ring in a shop window. To her, a diamond ring is a symbol of being a mature woman. For the first time, the actor wore one during a shoot for a Forevermark advertisement. She shares her story about Forever.

“What ‘Forever’ means to me - it is a very difficult question. It may be a continuation of every moment that reflects changing emotions, about all kinds of things. For example, it could be about liking someone one time, but disliking them at another moment, and beginning to like the same person again after a while.”

“Inevitably, people may quarrel for trivial reasons or worry about differences in values and other barriers between individuals. This happens to married couples, families, friends and any other group of people. You will be happy if you have a partner with whom you can overcome such emotional changes and be together forever.”

An actors’ job also involves continuous change. “In every task, I work in new locations, with people I have never met, in an environment I have never experienced. In my private life and at work, I will frequently encounter many things that I have never before experienced. I will sincerely face each one and create my own ‘Forever’.”

Experiencing the ‘eternal brilliance’ at the Forevermark Bridal shoot

“Usually, I do not play a character during a photo shoot; that said, I still try to adapt my expressions and feelings to the given setting. In the Forevermark Bridal shoot, I remained myself without trying to express any difference. At the shooting, I was amazed to hear that each Forevermark Diamond has a unique identification number that is invisible to the naked eye.”

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