A Desire to Shine Now and Forever While Appreciating Encounters with People

Anne is an actor representing Japan who has been active on the world stage also as a model. Her sparkle is now even stronger through pivotal events in her private life, including marriage and childbirth. Anne, who received the Forevermark Award 2019 as a woman embodying eternal brilliance just like a Forevermark diamond, actually appeared at the Forevermark Japan launch event back in 2009. What kind of changes did she accomplish from the first meeting with the brand until being chosen for this award after ten years? She spoke about her feelings towards the concept of “Forever”

Exactly ten years have passed since I was invited to the Forevermark Japan launch event. Looking back, there were many big changes in both my public and private life. These were things that the me of ten years ago couldn’t have imagined. Encounters with a variety of people influenced me, and through those encounters, I think I and my future have changed.

Encountering Eternal Brilliance

I have recently felt that there is an end to everything. Even as it is said that there is an end to the universe, isn’t the most grand and romantic value “Forever”? My life is truly a fleeting, momentary thing among this expansive world, as if a drop in an enormous river. But I was told that the signals from when I appear on TV will continue to drift out into space forever. When I think that my voice and image will continue to drift out in space forever, even after I’m gone, I can’t help but feel a sense of wonder.

When thinking about Forever, I think of diamonds that have been created over 3 billion years. These gem stones that were born deep in the earth long before humans came to be are delivered to us as if by time machine, transcending an eternity. Surely this is the most romantic gift in the world.

Tight Knot, Reminding Us of the Enduring Bonds Born from Our Many Encounters

When the Forevermark Encordia® Collection “Tight Knot”, which I was awarded, was placed around my neck, I thought of the encounters and enduring bonds with the people who have supported me in the various areas of both my public and private life and the presence of my family who I care for and who are the source of my strength to work. The tightly-wound metal rope reminds me that I am not alone but supported by many people.

And the dazzling light of the diamond itself captivates me more than anything. I feel its “weight” – and not just its physical weight –, knowing that from among the Forevermark diamonds, which represent only 1% of the natural diamonds that exist on the planet in the first place, this diamond is even more precious Black Label with incomparable sparkle, and that the diamond is a rare square cut. It was very moving to sense the Black Label diamond, with its uncommon shine and distinctive square shape, taking on body heat when worn and becoming a part of myself.

It somehow feels as if it fits very well when worn, so surely it would be lovely when paired not just with a dress, but with everyday clothes, as well. This diamond has been shining for many years long before I was here, and I felt as if it gave me power when worn through its design, incorporating the sentiment of “enduring bonds”.

To Pass On the Eternal Brilliance to the Next Generation

Though life is short, diamonds are forever, so the time will come one day when I will pass on this Tight Knot to someone else. If I have the chance to pass it on to my daughters after some time, I hope to tell them about how it was in my possession, as I believe that such a spectacular diamond came to me only by chance after all the encounters I have had with many people and through work.

I also want to mention how Forevermark is involved in ethical practices to contribute to environmental sustainability in various parts of the world. I feel a profound sense of respect for the unchanging attitude of the brand since its establishment. This company, seeking for true beauty, has the idea of creating a better natural environment, and its commitment to put this into practice ought to affect many people. Inspired by this award, I hope to further expand my horizons and search for what I can do for the future. And I also want to work on shining more myself as I appreciate the myriad of encounters I have experienced in the past.