Anusha & David –
Everyday soulmates

Finding Forever


In what seems like a lifetime ago, on a nervous first day of medical school, David and Anusha first met. Even to this day Anusha fondly remembers the t-shirt that David was wearing. When they were studying, as they lived together as well, a close bond was formed. Only when moving out did they both realise that they were happiest together, and so began the beginning of their Forever.  

Finding Forever

Just like the incredible journey of discovery that a diamond has been on, finding a Forever love makes the journey worthwhile.

The pivotal moment for Anusha was when her medical studies took her to Africa for eight weeks. Making a promise to never be apart for that long again was the defining moment when Anusha realised that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with David.

It felt quite instinctive and I realised what a soulmate was for the first time.

Although it was only a friendship to start off with, they would spend almost every waking minute of the day together; whether it was walking to university, cooking or talking into the small hours of the morning. It was one Christmas holiday, when saying goodbye to each other that David realised that he didn’t ever want to be apart from Anusha. 

It occurred to me that I just didn’t ever want to say goodbye to her and that every single thing is better when she is around. I think that is the moment that I realised I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

The engagement story

Ever the traditionalist, David wanted to seek Anusha’s father’s permission before asking for her hand in marriage.

Anusha’s father was ‘over the moon’ with David’s request, but coming from a traditional Indian background, the acceptance of a proposal is a decision made by the whole family. Therefore Anusha’s father would have to consult both Anusha’s mother and sister, as well as Anusha herself to ensure that she was happy and would want to marry David.   

Although the impending engagement was no longer a complete surprise, David could at least surprise her with the timing of it. As their story began on the first day of university, it felt fitting to propose on the day of their graduation ball. Surrounded by friends that got to see their story unfold, the proposal was just the next chapter in their tale.

For me, diamond jewellery is so special as it can carry so much history and store so many memories.

An everlasting love

As the engagement was not a complete surprise, this gave David and Anusha the chance to go and choose a ring together. A ring that they knew was the one as soon as Anusha put it on her finger. “It stood out from all of the other rings in a way that made it feel unique to us.”

Having a diamond engagement ring was an important aspect to them as a couple. Like their love for one another, a diamond is everlasting. Carrying so much history, a story and a lifetime of memories.

Memories that Anusha herself has of her grandmother. Reminiscent of her childhood when Anusha would open her grandmother’s jewellery box in India in awe of all the beautiful diamonds and rubies. Her grandmother would have a story for each and every piece – where they were worn and where they were made. A story that she too hopes to have with her own diamond engagement ring.

The silver lining

In every love story, challenges always need to be faced and overcome. Time apart from each other can often be something that can make or break a relationship. This is something that David and Anusha had to overcome both early on and throughout. After spending nearly every moment together for the past few years, when they started working their busy medical schedules meant that the little time they spent together had to be truly cherished.  

From meeting for breakfast dates before work to long walks together in their favourite forest, every occasion becomes a moment to treasure. Even standing in front of the mirror “both brushing our teeth with one hand and hugging with the other” becomes a special memory. It’s about finding the silver lining; when work, children or life make it difficult to find time for romance, it’s fundamental to enjoy and cherish every moment together. 

One of the best things about our relationship has always been that we can find enjoyment in everyday things when we’re doing them together.

Forever is…

Forever for David and Anusha is hidden in unexpected places. Capturing those quiet, fleeting moments, that are special just because they are together. It’s in making the mundane exceptional and it’s in loving unconditionally.

Even though life may throw challenges your way it’s about solidifying that comfort and support system that’s rooted in passion and love for one another. This is David and Anusha’s love story, this is their now and Forever.

Forever for me is knowing that I will enjoy every moment that there is to come with my soulmate. From the everyday to the milestones.


James Williamson Photography,; Hever Castle & Gardens,

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