Kerry & Emce –
Together Forever full stop

Finding Forever


Full of ideas and dreams to take on the world, Kerry and Emce met as students. Even now, Emce still fondly remembers introducing himself and immediately being taken aback by how beautiful Kerry was.

Kerry found Emce, her Forever love, at university, unexpectedly at a halls of residency fundraising event, not an everyday place to meet your soulmate, but Emce won over her heart and so began the beginning of their Forever. 

Finding Forever

Just like how unique a De Beers Forevermark diamond is, with only 1% of the world’s diamonds qualifying to become one, finding a Forever love is equally as special.

Emce knew even from early on in their relationship that he loved Kerry and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The defining moment for him was when he realised that he couldn’t imagine a future without her as his partner. 

Kerry was the person that I wanted to share every memory with.

The defining moment for Kerry was the cherished time that she had to get to know Emce. Enjoying the process of learning every aspect and element that makes Emce the man he is. The more she got to know him, the more deeply she fell in love with him. 

I learnt of his kindness, patience and gentleness and I know there would be nobody in the world who would love me so wonderfully as him.

It was this time at the beginning of Emce and Kerry’s relationship, the time that they had to get to know one another that taught them to appreciate the days that you are able to spend together. Reminding us that every moment together is special, and every second together should be cherished. 

The engagement story

With family being such an important aspect to Kerry’s life, it would only be right for Emce to propose when her family were close by.

Shortly after Kerry had finished her final year of studies her family were visiting to celebrate her graduation, presenting the perfect opportunity for Emce to propose. 

In what Kerry thought was a celebration of the completion of her degree, Emce whisked her off to a beautifully, secluded wine farm. After enjoying breakfast together, they took a walk through the grounds, where Emce guided her to a secluded, secret garden. With rose petals scattered over the ground and a bottle of champagne, it was then that Emce got down on one knee to begin the next chapter in their tale.  

An everlasting love

As the engagement was a complete surprise for Kerry, Emce picked out Kerry’s engagement ring

It was the perfect choice. Wearing and treasuring it everyday, reminding Kerry of Emce, how lucky she is to have him, and how earnest and permanent the decision was that they made.

I have always thought that I would naturally give my fiancée a diamond engagement ring based on tradition, but the choice was mainly driven by how perfectly the sparkle and glamour suits Kerry.


The wedding day

The beginning of their Forever began on a beautiful summer's evening in South Africa, where long days spill into even longer evenings. For Emce and Kerry it is the season that conjures up so many happy memories so it would only be fitting to get married on one stunning South African summer evening.

To be immersed in the natural beauty that summer brings was very special.

Located on a wine estate, Diamant, and with Diamant meaning diamonds in Afrikaans, it would only be fitting to say their vows to one another here. With their love, like a diamond, being eternal.

The couple knew straight away that this location was the one. Pure romance met old, gentle grandeur. With views across the valley and blue mountains this location was the essence of sophistication.

The couple wanted to transport the guests to a time gone by. Reliving the old glamour and romance of the Gatsby era, mixed with a sophisticated fairytale. With crystal champagne flutes, gold embossed cutlery, decadent chandeliers and the glow of candlelight, Emce and Kerry’s wedding was nothing but classical opulence.   

The hidden moments

Together they explored the vineyards, the woods and the wheatfields. Immersing themselves in the beauty of their surroundings. With the golden sunset light, the soft sounds of the jazz band and the sweet scent of roses drifting through the warm summer evening air, it was in these quiet, stolen moments that Kerry and Emce had time to pause and bask in it all, soaking in the most significant day of their lives. 

Forever is...

Forever for Emce and Kerry means I love you. It is their solemn promise to each other and the decision that they have made and will keep making every day of their lives. 

It’s their significant and loving commitment to one another, it’s the amazing thought of sharing every moment and memory with each other, and it’s being there for one another, happy or sad, at all times. 

Forever is something that carries so much joy and excitement for me. It’s every thought, memory and moment spent with Kerry.

When in love it’s so easy to get lost in your everyday life but it’s about cherishing and enjoying every moment that you have together. To stay in love Forever is something extraordinary, and this is something Emce and Kerry have now and Forever. 


Moira West Photography,; Anli Wahl – Flowers, / @anliwahlfloral; Kraak Events – Wedding planners,; Elbith Gillis – wedding dress,; Diamant Wine Estate,

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