Timmy Xu Weizhou

Libert’aime by Forevermark
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Defining Forever

Forever is a source of power. It guides me, motivates me and inspires me to be passionate about music and life.

Chinese actor and singer, Timmy Xu Weizhou explores what Forever means to him.

A rising star in China’s acting and music scene, Weizhou is passionate about everything that he does. Constantly extending himself out of his comfort zone, he inspires his fans with his vigor, energy and relentless pursuit of personal freedoms.

With such inspirational qualities, Forevermark was delighted to name Weizhou as the Libert’aime by Forevermark Light Icon, and also to partner with him in launching his first jewellery design collaboration, the LE LIGHT collection. A perfect example of Weizhou’s aspirational attitude to life, the collaboration hopes to inspire more young people to follow their dream.

What does ‘Forever’ mean to Timmy Xu Weizhou?

Forever for Weizhou is a source of power and that is what guides, motivates and inspires him to be passionate in his life. This power is something that he keeps in his mind to allow him to always keep moving forward in everything that he does, including his music. This in turn is then what he believes to bring happiness and positivity to his life, and this is what lasts Forever.

Now, Forever

We are believers in Forever. Through the twists and turns, the ups and downs, everyone goes on a different journey towards true love. Every step you take now, is a step towards your Forever.