The ultimate commitment to love

Representing the intimate union of two people, marriage is a lifelong commitment to love. A true declaration of romance and selflessness, just like a De Beers Forevermark diamond, it is the embodiment of Forever.
Renowned actress, beauty pageant winner and racing team ambassador, Christine Kuo has partnered with De Beers Forevermark to celebrate Forever and the ultimate commitment to love.  

Kuo’s Forever love

Every love story is unique, with her love found on the racing track, Kuo’s is entwined by passion for speed and the excitement of driving together. Despite the thrill from the racing track, Kuo discusses what Forever means to her.


Forever love is not about something extraordinary or remarkable. It lies in the minute details of everyday life. I feel sweet with just simple eye contact or a smile
Christine Kuo

Forevermark Endlea™ and Red Carpet collection diamond jewellery adorn Christine Kuo, who looks stunning in a peach pink strapless gown and fresh-faced natural makeup. A union of beauty and creativity, each De Beers Forevermark diamond piece that Kuo wears commemorates the moments in women's lives that are to be remembered Forever.

Exquisitely captured in the shoot, Kuo perfectly personifies the rush of excitement in any bride-to-be.

Kuo’s delicate femininity

From the gentleness in her voice, to her flawless grace and beautiful smile, embracing her inner femininity, Kuo’s natural charm is infectious, both on-screen and off. There’s nothing more romantic than a partner with a flair for life that radiates from within. 

Kuo’s passionate heart

As a new member of the racing team, Kuo’s passion for life transcends past her career ambitions through to her relationships. A passionate heart forms a strong foundation for marriage, as it’s what keeps a relationship afire with love for one another.   

Kuo’s fresh-faced beauty

Kuo is confident and ready to pursue her passions in life, marriage and love. Every marriage begins with a burst of fresh energy and liveliness for your future together that lies ahead. 

I have always been a jewellery lover, and I have studied jewellery design myself. It’s important for me to know the story behind each design, and I appreciate the meticulous work that goes into making each piece.
Christine Kuo

Kuo’s flawless grace

The winner of numerous pageant awards, Kuo’s graceful disposition is what makes her an inspirational figure. However, a bride’s true happiness is amplified by the support system of friends and family that surround her.

Although the excitement of an upcoming marriage is important, for Kuo it’s what your marriage represents that is most significant. It’s the stories of your lives together, it’s the promises you make to one another and the devotion that you have to each other. It’s the symbol of your love now, and Forever. 

Forever moments, Forever love

Christine Kuo has previously partnered with De Beers Forevermark to celebrate the launch of the Forever Moments, Forever Love campaign in Hong Kong. 

Kuo looked stunning, glamorously dressed in a romantic, French-inspired gown, and adorned in Forevermark Endlea and Red Carpet collection designs. 

Christine Kuo

Beauty pageant winner, actress and racing team ambassador, Christine Kuo reflects on what Forever means to her.

Now, Forever

We are believers in Forever. Through the twists and turns, the ups and downs, everyone goes on a different journey towards true love. Every step you take now, is a step towards your Forever.