Let It Show: How to Make a Statement This Season with the Latest Jewellery Trends

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Sparkle and shine bright this festive season by taking inspiration from our edit of timeless yet innovative ways to style your party diamond jewellery.

Diamond Cocktail Rings

Initially conceived to provide a talking point at drinks parties, the aptly named cocktail ring is back in style and the perfect addition to any festive outfit.

To be really on trend, wear more than one cocktail ring and have fun with your assortment. Introduce colour with a striking yellow diamond, or a yellow or rose gold setting. Alternatively, contrast aesthetics – for example, a contemporary solitaire diamond with a vintage-style floral form – for a look that’s unique to you.

Layering Delicate Diamond Pendants

There is something wonderfully alluring about an exposed back, so whether your reverse neckline is slightly lower, or fully plunged, consider emphasising this part of your body with beautifully draped diamonds. Delicate diamond strands can be worn in layered cascades, or criss-crossed from underneath your gown. Alternatively, you might like to select a fine chain-hung pendant to create a graceful line that elongates your back.

With a bit of imagination, simple but stunning diamond strands can provide a wonderful decorative flourish to mens’ more conservative outfits. Inspired by vintage fob watch chains, a diamond necklace can be suspended between two pockets to create an eye-catching look. Alternatively, diamond bracelets can be worn solo, or in layers to connect a pair of buttonholes, or a collar. 

Delicate diamond strands can be worn in layered cascades, or criss-crossed from underneath your gown.

How to Stack Diamond Rings

Stacking and layering an assortment of stunning diamond rings is a wonderful way to create a truly personal statement whilst incorporating all of your favourite pieces. The most important thing is to create a look that you love. But do explore alternative placement ideas, mixed metal colours, and rings stacked on one finger, or across your hand. You might also like to contrast a plain, contemporary setting with a more ornate pave setting. Or you can blend your gem shapes. And that’s just for starters!  

Statement Earrings

Party season means plenty of photo opportunities. With that in mind it’s essential that you frame your face with fabulous hair, and – most importantly – a statement earring edit. If you want to explore the multi-earring look, ensure that you get their placement correct. On the lowest point of your ear, consider a dainty drop earring, or a flattering cuff. Follow further up with a pretty cuff and add a sprinkling of studs for a look that’s fun and modern.

How to Wear Multiple Diamond Necklaces

It’s a common misperception that necklaces should only be worn with an open neckline. On the contrary, there is something alluring about diamonds worn over a high neckline, or even under a sheer layer of fabric. However, you choose to wear your necklaces, at this time of year, be sure to wear them in multiples and with confidence. You might like to combine a bold choker with a dainty diamond station chain. Or you can wear several necklaces of slightly differing lengths to create a graduated effect across your décolleté. Don’t forget to mix up your styles too. A long sleek lariat with a clavicle-length solitaire is just one of many ideas to inspire you.

Using Diamond Earrings as Brooches

The iconic brooch has seen a real resurgence and – as it grows in popularity – pins for men have become a viable accessory.  If the man in your life is keen to try something new, encourage him to have fun by transforming a diamond earring, or two, into a brooch. A single pendant earring can be a wonderful addition to a tie, cravat or lapel. Alternatively, go all out with a fabulous assortment of studs that will catch the light as you dance the night away. Don’t forget, those studs could also be worn as cufflinks.  

How to Compliment Your Skin Tone

Your choice of metal colours will depend on personal choice, and considerations such as your skin tone. But however you combine them, assorted colours support a look that is chic, contemporary and full of personality.

Rose gold offers a romantic look and pairs well with contemporary white metals that accentuate the brilliance of a diamond. Yellow gold is a fantastic traditional choice that is very popular right now. You can, of course, also create an unforgettable impression with a collection of rings that are all one metal colour.

Sometimes it just takes one piece of carefully chosen jewellery to create an unforgettable impression. Whether it’s that must-have cuff, a pair of spectacular chandelier earrings, a multi-diamond ring or a necklace that will become a family heirloom, if this is the approach you decide to take, be sure to select a piece that you will love Forever.

Shine from Season to Season

The diamond jewellery that you wear this festive season is more than just a beautiful accessory, it’s the focus of your look. Each carefully selected piece shines bright, making a statement and creating an unforgettable impression with diamond jewellery that you will treasure Forever.

We are believers in Forever. Through the twists and turns, the ups and downs, everyone goes on a different journey towards true love. Every step you take now, is a step towards your Forever.

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