Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are available in a variety of fancy shapes, typically describing the shape as if you were looking down onto the top of the diamond. The properties of the rough diamond will often have a hand in determining what shape the polished diamond will become. For example, rough diamonds that are less uniform are typically made into fancy shape diamonds, while rough that is more uniform is often cut into round diamonds.

There are no universal cut proportions for fancy shape diamonds. De Beers Forevermark has established our own proportions parameters to ensure each De Beers Forevermark fancy shape diamond looks truly beautiful.

Learn about the most popular shapes below.

Round Brilliant

The Brilliant (Round Brilliant) Cut is the most popular polished diamond shape; with a round girdle outline, eight bezel facets, eight pavilion facets and sixteen upper and lower girdle facets on the crown and pavilion, plus a table facet and eight star facets on the crown (57 Facets). A diamond’s light performance, including fire and scintillation, are maximised with this style of cut.


The modern Cushion Cut has recently given new life to a style of cut that was popular in the 1800s. A cushion has a square or rectangular outline, but with a rounded corner that gives the diamond the pillow shape that is its namesake. Cushions come in a variety of styles, with the older, retro styles having larger facets and culets.  


Princess Cut diamonds became popular in the 1970's. It has a square outline with a shallow crown containing 17 or 21 facets, and 24, 32 or 40 pavilion facets. Princess Cut diamonds are also recognisable by their exceptional light performance―rivaled only by the round brilliant cut. 

Emerald & Square Emerald

An Emerald Cut or Square Emerald Cut is a step cut diamond with a rectangular outline and parallel rows of linear facets (53 facets). In either a rectangular or square shape, these diamonds have a linear or long faceted culet. 


Asscher Cut diamonds have a square outline and a step cut, similar to the Square Emerald. They are distinguished by their pointed culets, while a square emerald has linear culets. 


The Marquise Cut is a polished diamond with a boat shaped outline, with triangular and kite shaped facets like the round brilliant cut. Standard variations of the Marquise Cut may have 6 or 8 bezel facets and 4, 6, or 8 pavilion facets.


A Heart Shaped diamond is essentially a pear shaped diamond with a cleft at the top, creating the very special heart shape. Heart Shapes are also brilliant cuts with triangular and kite shaped facets and come is several different facet arrangements.


An Oval Cut diamond has a rounded, oblong polished shape. Oval shaped diamonds are like elongated Round Brilliant cuts. Also brilliant cuts, Ovals also come is a variety of facet arrangements.


A polished diamond with a tear drop-shaped outline, Pear Shapes are like a combination of a Marquise with a Round Brilliant. Also, a brilliant cut with triangular and kite shaped facets, Pear Shapes have many variants in faceting.


Radiant Cut diamonds have a square or rectangular outline, with a pointed culet and a crown facet arrangement similar to a Princess Cut. Radiants combine the rectangular facets of step cuts with triangular and kite shaped facets of brilliants, taking advantage of both styles, while cutting and polishing the diamond to best fit the rough crystal. 

Beyond The 4Cs

At De Beers Forevermark, we go beyond the standard 4Cs, individually selecting diamonds against additional rigid criteria to ensure that only the most beautiful diamonds can become De Beers Forevermark.