Live And Love

Love is more than a feeling, it’s what you do.

It’s in the everyday and the extraordinary. It’s in the little things and the lasting memories. It’s in the jubilant celebrations with friends, the precious familial rituals and routines, and the quiet and the unassuming moments shared with that one special person. Live And Love, every day.

Live for her
Live for him
Live for them
Live for you
Live for the adventures
Live for the everyday
Live connected
Live together
Live for your dream
Live for the drama
Live for the legacies
Live for one day
Live as one
Live in a world of your own
Live in hope
Live in happiness
Live and learn
Live a life
Live it up
Live it out
Live it now
Live it right now
Love Forever
Live And Love

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Live And Love, everyday.

Love is found, built and honoured in the little things that we do every day. From making someone their coffee exactly how they like it, to being there for the people who need you without question, it’s paying attention to what matters every day. LOVE DOESN’T PRESUME, IT ACTS. The small things that we do every day build Forever and we shouldn’t just notice them, we should live them.


Share your #LiveAndLove moments with us today!

Love comes alive not just in the grand gestures but in the small everyday acts of love found in our daily lives. Now, more than ever, let’s come together and celebrate these little acts. Though often forgotten, they bring us together.

1. Do something for someone you love
2. Capture a photo of it as your reminder
3. Share it on Instagram using #LiveAndLove and tagging @Forevermark

Start today… Live And Love

Live And Love Stories
Start your #21DaysofLove today

It takes 21 days to form a habit. What if that habit was for love? Take up the challenge to do something every day for someone you love, and share it with us and the world, by starting your own #21DaysofLove challenge.

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