Forever inspiration from four inspiring women

Extraordinary and inspirational, as part of Forevermark’s “Be Inspired: Women, Forever” series, we celebrate four accomplished women and their passionate pursuits in life. From a leading chef to doting mother, each woman shines in their own unique way, and a way that inspires Forever. They include celebrity chef and restauranteur, Esther Sham, famed photographer and stylist, Olivia Tsang, renowned fashion designer, Cecilia Yau, and top model and TV host, Cara G.

Profiling the lives of these four iconic women who epitomise the same passion and integrity Forevermark strives for in pursuit of its beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds, we showcase each woman for their individual achievements and values, revealing what ‘Forever’ means to them.

Cara G, model, actress and entrepreneur –
the joy of togetherness

A TV host, blogger, model, entrepreneur, actress and a loving mother of two, Cara G simultaneously juggles multiple roles in her life.

Working alongside Forevermark since the launch of the Endlea Collection in Milan in 2016, Cara G will collaborate again with Forevermark in a craftsmanship workshop along with her closest friends to highlight the joy of togetherness.

As a true symbol of success and a role model inspiring women to empower themselves through work, love and friendships, Cara G demonstrates the same kind of passion that is synonymous with the Forevermark name. Forever for Cara is something that lasts beyond our lifetime, it transcends time. Whether it’s a moment or a gift, it’s something that can be passed on for generations.

Forever means to me something that lasts beyond our lifetime, something that will be here for years or centuries to come, even long after you’re gone… A moment or a gift, that can be passed on for generations.
Cara G

國際美鑽品牌Forevermark 與知名時裝設計師丘雪祺(Cecilia Yau)首次跨界合作携手合作,推出「鑽祺」個人襯恤設計ShirtConcepts工作坊,更特別邀請了名模Cara G及珠寶小姐Fion Hui參與首個工作坊,取經之餘更率先試穿多款個人訂製襯衫裙 (Shirt Dress),展示時尚多變的型格打扮,破格打造「輕奢華」全新形象。

Cecilia興奮地表示: 「這是我第一次舉辦ShirtConcepts設計工作坊,亦是首次和鑽石品牌跨界合作。在時尚世界裡必須追求一絲不苟,才能做出優質服飾。Forevermark要求每顆美鑽都達至瑰麗、珍稀及以負責任方式開採的標準,在細節上的堅持及一絲不苟,與我的品牌理念非常吻合。我期待在不久的將來公開給大眾參與設計工作坊。」

Cara G對工作坊所學的細節非常興奮:「原來每件襯恤都需要經過一個個複雜的程序,才能來到我們手中,有點像鑽石的經歷呢﹗希望在工作坊後,我能嘗試親手為家人做襯恤﹗」


A commitment to Forever

Inspirational and exceptional, each of these women inspire us with the passion, dedication and hard work that they put into everything that they do, just like the commitment that goes into the incredible journey of a Forevermark diamond. A commitment that makes each Forevermark diamond as unique and special as the woman who wears it.