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Spring Wedding

Bridal jewellery inspiration for the modern bride

The snow has melted away, the skies are clearing and the natural world is bursting into life. In a changing of season, with new life and new beauty, spring is a time for renewal and limitless possibilities, perfectly symbolising the magic and romance of your new life together.

When planning your wedding, choosing the jewellery that you will wear on this memorable day is one of the most personal and significant decisions that you will make. From your engagement ring, to that special piece you’ve always dreamed of, this is the jewellery that you will treasure Forever.

Spring wedding dresses 

When it comes to choosing your jewellery to compliment your gown, there are two styles in particular especially worth noting for a spring bride.     

Off the shoulder styles are particularly pretty for spring weddings, and dainty capelets, gossamer-fine panels across the décolleté and even high fitted necklines all draw the eye upwards
Federica Imperiali

Leading the way are dresses that make the neck a focal point. “Off the shoulder styles are particularly pretty for spring weddings, and dainty capelets, gossamer-fine panels across the neckline and even high fitted necklines all draw the eye upwards,” says Forevermark’s Federica Imperiali. “With this in mind, capitalise on the vogue for statement diamond earrings and necklaces with a selection of striking designs whose fire and sparkle will flatter from every angle. Elaborate diamond clusters, fancy settings and dramatic diamond shapes are all great ideas.”

If you choose to wear something more contemporary, from simple columnar gowns to structured two-piece outfits or even a jumpsuit, you may wish to opt for a modern style of jewellery to match. Plain settings, graphic silhouettes, brushed finishes and diamond solitaire stations all create this contemporary look.

Spring wedding venue

For your spring wedding, you may want to select a venue that incorporates both indoor and outdoor facilities, so if it does rain on the day, you can bring the outdoors in with decorative elements that feature flowers, buds and garlands.

In some cultures, rain signifies luck. Hindus believe that rain on your wedding day is lucky as it foretells a strong marriage, and Italians say “Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata”, which translates as “wet bride, lucky bride”.

For jewellery that reflects the theme and season of your wedding, opt for floral designs featuring blossom motifs. Alternatively, you can channel a nature-inspired aesthetic with jewellery that embraces and entwines your wrist, hand or neck.    

Bridal jewellery trends

As with all exceptional design, the best jewellery is timeless, but equally adaptable to current style aesthetics. This is true of your bridal jewellery too. With this in mind, you may want to consider looking to emerging trends to guide you in your choice for that perfect jewellery piece.

Maia Adams

“If you’re a fan of rings, vintage-style cocktail rings are a great option for spring,” says Maia Adams of Adorn Insight. “Don’t feel the need to limit yourself to just one or two, either. Multiple rings are a wonderful way to create a truly personalised look.”

Many bridal gowns feature tassels, tiers and other embellishments, something you can reflect within your jewellery with pieces that cascade and move. Similarly, pendant drop necklaces are another very popular style whose elongated silhouette will contrast elegantly against all types of neckline.  


Lastly, with the increase of black detailing featuring on shoes, belts and jewellery, if you wish to add some drama to your look, an exquisite black gold accent will add an unforgettable finishing touch.

Summer Bride

As a diamond lasts Forever, the diamond jewellery that you wear on your wedding day represents your binding promises to one another, your eternal love for each other and just like the spring season of your wedding, the start of your new life together. 


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