Rewrite Forever in support of World Rhino Day

The rhino is a creature of beauty and magnificence. But a species that is on the verge of extinction. A species that De Beers Forevermark is invested on protecting. With a deep respect and love for the natural world; De Beers Forevermark is committed to the protection of wild habitats, the species they support, and the wider ecosystems of which they are a crucial part. De Beers Forevermark strive to create a better tomorrow, a better future and to rewrite Forever.

Shih Li-Jen on World Rhino Day

In support of World Rhino Day, De Beers Forevermark has collaborated with Taiwanese artist and curator Shih Li-Jen. Like De Beers Forevermark, Li-Jen is invested on the protection of rhino’s and rewriting their Forever. Inspired by these majestic creatures, Li-Jen creates rhino sculptures to highlight the importance of wildlife conservation and the plight of these wonderful animals. Sharing with us his messages and views of Forever and protecting the rhino.

Shih Li-Jen discusses with De Beers Forevermark how the rhino has inspired his work, what protecting Forever means to him and how he too wants to rewrite Forever.

Inspired by a Rhino’s Beauty and Strength

Shih Li-Jen has been using rhinos as his inspiration for more than twenty years. First inspired by their place in traditional Chinese culture, he now hopes his captivating works will highlight the plight of these majestic and endangered animals. 

A Precious Treasure in Asian History and Culture

Rhinos are a long-standing motif throughout Asian history and culture, described by Li-Jen as “one of the most precious treasures of Chinese civilisation”. They have been depicted as humble and docile throughout historical records, and even made a sacred animal by philosopher Confucius. Sadly, this treasured animal is now under threat and has become endangered due to humans poaching rhinos for their horns and damaging their natural habitat.

Li-Jen hopes his works will raise awareness of this issue, helping people reflect on the destruction that humanity has had on this humble species. His sculptures are also a symbol of nature’s spirit. Reflecting the strength and resplendent past of rhinos in Chinese tradition, while bringing sympathy and compassion to this important issue.

We are so used to asking for things from nature, but we don’t know how to give back. It is now time to think about how to get along with nature in a peaceful and balanced way.
Shih Li-Jen

An artistic destiny

With his grandfather a calligrapher and his father a designer, being creative is in Li-Jen’s DNA. His creative flair was evident even as a child when he used to knead mud to create small sculptures of people and animals.

He began his career as a curator, visiting museums and galleries across the globe, before then feeling inspired to create his own art. 

As with many artists, Li-Jen chooses to endow his work with meanings. Since creating his first sculpture fifteen years ago, Li-Jen and his rhinos are renowned for both their artistic beauty and their underlying message on ecology and appreciation for life.

Respect for Every Life

A respect for life, humanity and nature underpins Li-Jen’s work. Campaigning that every living species should be treated equally and protected so it can thrive for years to come. 

His love of nature, earth and life are revealed through his sculptures and drive to create perfect works of art - from the care taken in constructing each piece to the message that underlies their creation. 

The future of these majestic creatures is in our hands and like De Beers Forevermark, Li-Jen is an advocate on the protection of Forever, and the protection of the rhino. Together, we can rewrite Forever. 

The deep reason behind my creation of the rhino sculpture is that I want to express the ultimate love for life, which is a kind of great love.
Shih Li-Jen

Defining Forever
Shih Li-Jen

Artist and curator, Shih Li-Jen explores what Forever means to him.

Nature's Treasures

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