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Summer Wedding

Bridal jewellery trends for the modern bride

Endless blue skies, beautiful floral blooms, sun-kissed days that spill into long summer evenings, sandy beaches lapped by white tipped waves... No wonder summer is such a popular time for weddings when all around such natural beauty presents the perfect photo opportunity.

As one of the most cherished days in your life you’ll want to invest in bridal jewellery that you treasure forever. From the style of dress to your wedding theme, as well staying true to yourself, there are many things to bear in mind when it comes to deciding on your bridal jewellery.

Bridal necklace trends 

Firstly you should consider your style of wedding dress. During warmer months, dresses featuring plunging necklines and bare backs are popular styles. To complement this look, pair your gown with slim dropped styles such as the Elongated Pear Drop Pendant by Natalie K or, if you’re feeling daring, reverse the Endlea Multi Straights Necklace and wear it as a beautiful back feature piece.

Alternatively, if your dress has a ‘sweetheart’ or off-the-shoulder neckline, shorter length necklaces are recommended. For a fresher styling approach, layer necklaces such as the Endlea Solitaire Pavé Necklace and the dainty but elegant Oval Shaped Diamond Halo Pendant, or for layering that is already built in opt for the Forevermark Tribute Collection Diamond Station Necklace.

Summer Bride
Summer Bride
Summer Bride Jewelery

Matching your jewellery to your wedding theme 

The setting and theme of your wedding will also give you important pointers as to what jewellery to wear. During sun filled days, outdoor ceremonies are often the location of choice for the summer bridal season. Whether you’re celebrating at a serene beachside location, in rolling countryside fields, or a beautiful garden oasis, an outdoor wedding often adopts a more informal approach – a factor to consider when choosing your bridal jewellery. 

Vintage-themed weddings are the ideal backdrop for heritage-style jewellery. “Cocktail rings are enjoying a renaissance right now and with third rings now a fixture of the bridal jewellery suite” says Federica Imperiali of De Beers Forevermark. 

Summer Bride
Summer Bride
Summer Bride
Alternatively, add a little sparkle to a retro and minimalist look by pairing the Forevermark Eternal Collection Solitaire Pavé Ring with the Forevermark Eternal Collection Solitaire Pavé Earrings.
Summer Bride Summer Bride
Summer Bride Jewelery

Finally, “festival culture has inspired many younger brides to opt for celebrations with a delightfully bohemian air,” says Imperiali. “Delicate yellow gold jewellery featuring gracefully spaced diamonds supports this aesthetic, as do slender, elongated silhouettes.” 

The rise of festival culture has inspired many younger brides to opt for celebrations with a delightfully bohemian air.
Federica Imperiali

Both the Dangle Necklace and the Jenna Fancy Yellow Diamonds Earrings emanate this look, and for that extra luxe bohemian style, pair the Golden Diamonds Station Necklace with the Forevermark Alchemy Collection by Jade Trau Large Hoop With Long Drop Earrings.

Bridal earring and bracelet trends 

Typically, warmer summer weather will mean exposed arms and necks, so you should focus on jewellery that flatters these areas and sits gently on the skin. “On the catwalks and red carpets, bangles and bracelets have emerged as a popular armwear silhouette. Lighter than cuffs, and with a pleasing air of informality, they can be worn solo or in pretty shimmering stacks,” says Maia Adams from Adorn Insight. The Forevermark Alchemy Collection by Jade Trau Line Bracelet, the Beaded Diamond Bracelet and the Vintage Prong Cuff create this layered and decorative approach. 

The statement pieces for this season are earrings. With beautiful feminine curves, make an impact with the striking Diamond Drop Earrings and contrast this bold look by wearing your hair in soft, natural waves. Alternatively, for a classic look that never goes out of style, opt to wear Forevermark Tribute Collection Braided Hoop Earrings.

With multiple piercings often now the norm among brides, another way to update a quintessential look is to wear an assortment of pretty studs. Both the Fire Princess Solitaire Stud Earrings and Cornerstones Stud Earrings create a stunning starting point to emulate this. This then gives you the option of then adding other designs of your choice to create a one-off look that is as unique and full of character as you are. 

Whether it’s adding sparkle to make a statement or creating a simple classic look, your diamond jewellery is more than just an accessory on your wedding day. As a diamond lasts Forever it’s the representation of the carefully chosen words said to one another, the commitment and care you have for the other and the promises you make to each other, now and Forever. 


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