‘I take you, until Forever’ – discover the real stories

De Beers Forevermark recently unveiled, “I Take You, Until Forever” which celebrates the modern views of love and relationships, exploring the beauty and reality of the vows that a couple make to one another.

Costantino Papadimitriou, De Beers Forevermark SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, explains, “We have a vision, to bring the reality of love back to the world today and focus on the effort it takes to build “forever” relationships. We’re doing this by telling stories of real love, through the format of vows, encouraging real couples to celebrate all the moments of beauty in their relationships. To not only show the positive sides of a relationship such as the grand gestures that goes on an Instagram feed, but the realistic facets of their relationship - the challenges and the mundanity of daily chores. The little things that you come to really value in your relationship that no one else sees.” 

Here we speak to people around the world including the director, Geej Ower, and the real-life couples who discuss their relationships, their commitment to one another and what forever means to them. We’d love to hear your stories, you can share them on Instagram using #Forevermark and tag us @forevermark.

Antoinette & Andre

For Antoinette and Andre, the beauty of their friendship has been built upon not stressing over the little things that are out of their control, but instead truly enjoying life and enjoying all aspects of their friendship, from having to be brutally honest to one another to going out and dancing until dawn. The older they get, the more they realise how short life is, so it is to be lived, embraced and enjoyed.  

Forever is being true and there for each other always and all the time.
Antoinette & Andre

Bri & Tucker

From the moment they met, Bri and Tucker have been inseparable. For them it isn’t about the extraordinary grand gestures, it’s about being best friends and committed to one another. Every moment is made better by just being together, they can do absolutely nothing but as long as they are with one another they can still have the best day of their lives.

Liz & Angela

For Liz and Angela, their relationship is what it is today because of both the good times and the hard times. The hard times have made them stronger, but they are where they are because of all the good, happy times, always by each other's side. As they have got older, through the difficulties they have learnt to adapt to change and find a new beauty in their relationship.

Jessica & Oliver

In a time where we all have such busy lives, spending time together for Jessica and Oliver doesn’t just mean being in the same room as one another, but being in one another's thoughts. It is this that has created a bond between them like no other. Although over time they may change as people, they know that no matter what their bond will always be the same and only ever get stronger.

Forever means no matter how different the landscape is, the love is always the same.
Jessica & Oliver

Directing “I Take You, Until Forever”

Here, we discuss with the director of the campaign, Geej Ower, what vows mean to her and why she was so drawn to working on this project.

What does the idea of “honest vows” mean to you, personally?

To me the idea of honest vows is about committing to someone in every possible way, and being realistic about what that means. I think the script for our campaign actually perfectly sums it up - it’s saying you’ll stick with them not only through difficult times and life-changing moments, but also through the bad fashion choices, kitchen fights, and countless hangovers on the sofa. It was so refreshing to see a brand like De Beers Forevermark wanting to move away from the expected, commercial, rose-tinted take on marriage and instead make something honest and heartfelt.

What does “Forever” mean to you?

My parents. The whole reason I felt so drawn to this ad is because of the wonderful relationship my parents have - they’ve been married very happily now for 38 years and are without doubt my relationship role models. They’re a true team and I know will be together to the very end. If I can have a marriage half as successful and long as theirs I’ll count myself very lucky!

Forever is my parents. They’re a true team and I know will be together to the very end. If I can have a marriage half as successful and long as theirs I’ll count myself very lucky!
Geej Ower

A vow of Forever

A vow should be a true representation of every relationship, acknowledging the ups and the downs, and each one of these couples does just that. They represent the reality of love and the effort it takes to build these relationships, but like De Beers Forevermark, each person and couple behind the campaign truly believes in love and love that lasts Forever.

I take you, Forever

We celebrate the vows that reflect the
truth and beauty of commitment.

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