Forever wild. Forever beautiful

Every day we celebrate the beauty of nature and all its living creatures. De Beers Forevermark, as part of De Beers Group, is proud of our enduring commitment to protect and conserve natural resources, wildlife and habitats along The Diamond Route.  

We invited photographer Sophie Elgort to Botswana in 2019 to capture the vibrant life in this beautiful land.  

The power of kimberlite

We are proud to be part of De Beers Group and their pioneering research program to harness the power of kimberlite, the rock that diamonds are found in to help fight climate change. Through partnering with leading experts from universities around the world, De Beers Group scientists have discovered that kimberlite can be used to absorb and store large volumes of carbon at our diamond mines, the research is exploring how this natural process can be accelerate.

Protecting nature

Formed in the earth billions of years ago, each De Beers Forevermark diamond is a gift of nature and that is why, as part of De Beers Group, we are committed to protecting the natural world. Through the preservation and conservation of natural resources, habitats and their species, we hope to protect nature’s beauty so that future generations can continue to enjoy the incredible earth we live on, as displayed through Sophie Elgort’s stunning photography.

For communities. Forever.

For us, sourcing diamonds responsibly does stop at conversation of the natural world.  As part of the De Beers Group, we help to positively impact communities.  We provide access to education and healthcare, as well as supporting women in their careers