De Beers Forevermark and the Musson AFLW Ring

For the third year, Authorised De Beers Forevermark Jeweller Musson is proud to be the Official Jeweller for the NAB AFL Women’s Competition, and was honoured to once again have the opportunity to design a custom-made diamond ring to celebrate the premiership winning team, the Adelaide Crows.

This year will see the Premiership Ring showcase a beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced Forevermark Black Label diamond, befitting of the extraordinary women who have become AFLW Premiers. A De Beers Forevermark diamond, with its unique inscription number, is an eternal reminder of the unique contribution each team member has made to the success and achievement which they all share in the Premiership, and beyond.

Less than 1% of the world's diamonds are eligible to become a De Beers Forevermark diamond, they are truly that rare, as are the women who become the ultimate champions in winning the AFLW Premiership
Olivar Musson

The exclusive Musson AFLW Premiership Ring is limited to only 23 pieces for the 22 Premiership players and their coach. Musson Creative Director, Olivar Musson wanted the AFLW ring to be worthy of the trailblazing women of the AFLW. The bespoke ring features a replica of the distinctive NAB AFL Women’s ‘W’ logo and the Premiership year engraved below.

 “The design is very clean and contemporary, it’s a statement but also a very wearable ring. Being a strong design, it encapsulates the power and determination synonymous with winning a Premiership,” he said.

The Musson bespoke ring is a unique, individual trophy that will ensure the memory of a Premiership lives on forever. The response from past premiers who now treasure these rings has been overwhelming. It really drives home why we started and continue this partnership.
We also acknowledge the communities where the rare De Beers Forevermark diamonds are sought can support local women. These diamonds are included in the 2019 NAB AFLW Premiership Rings and I’m sure they will mean much to the players that receive them.
Head of Women's Football for the AFL, Nicole Livingstone

For Women. Forever.

The Premiership ring is fast becoming an honorary tradition for the AFLW Premiership, celebrating and honouring the contribution that each woman in the Premiership is making towards a legacy will inspire future generations of women and girls to pursue their ambitions. De Beers Forevermark is proud to share this passion with Musson, our Authorised De Beers Forevermark Jeweller in Australia.

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