The Forevermark Black Label Collection

De Beers Forevermark presents the next generation of diamonds.  The Forevermark Black Label Collection includes five shapes -  round, square, cushion, oval and heart – each cut with supreme symmetry and unprecedented accuracy to release a dazzling light. 

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The Forevermark Engagement and Commitment Collection is now available with Black Label diamonds. De Beers Forevermark's Black Label diamonds feature superior symmetry and perfect proportions of the facets allowing a symmetrical hearts and arrows pattern that makes Black Label diamonds sparkle like no other. Find a Jeweler near you. 

Available at Select Authorized De Beers Forevermark Jewelers

The Evolution of Cuts

Historically, the round brilliant diamond has been the only shape to be cut with supreme symmetry and achieve maximum light performance.  Today, with state-of- the-art advances in technology and expert craftsmanship, De Beers Forevermark is able to offer diamonds in square, cushion, oval and heart shapes with symmetry that achieves optimum facet alignment. For the first time, fancy shape diamonds can exhibit brilliance, fire and scintillation comparable to round brilliant cuts, establishing a collection of diamonds with unmatched brilliance.

Side by side, a De Beers Forevermark Black Label diamond outshines any other diamond. The Black Label Collection sets a new standard for beauty and brilliance in both round and fancy shapes.

Exacting Symmetry

Some say that beauty comes from symmetry. The beauty of a snowflake, when carefully examined, is derived from superior symmetry. In diamonds, too, the symmetry results in stunning optical performance and beauty, valued by all who see it.

Diamond Facet Alignment and Maximum Brilliance

As the world’s leading diamond experts, The De Beers Group of Companies has spent the past two decades studying how light travels within a diamond, based on its cut and polish, facet alignment, and shape. As a result, we at De Beers Forevermark are using state of the art technology to maximize the brilliance of a diamond delivering unrivalled sparkle in every cut.

The difference comes down to how and where the diamond facets are placed. When cutting a diamond to achieve outstanding optical performance, the facets must be hand crafted with meticulous precision.

Each facet in the pavilion, crown and girdle of the diamond must be exactly the right size and placed at exactly the right location and angle, to within a few microns, for exacting symmetry, resulting in maximum sparkle.

Cutting the gemstone to achieve superior symmetry through the perfect proportions of the facets allows a symmetrical hearts and arrow pattern to emerge that makes De Beers Forevermark Black Label diamonds sparkle like no other. 
This is illustrated when comparing Black Label diamonds against standard cut diamonds, as shown in the carousel to the left. The images on the left hand side are captured using optical analysis technology, and the images on the right hand side are of the diamonds under natural light.

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Authorized De Beers Forevermark Jewelers must meet strict criteria: they must be reputable, offer outstanding service and high-quality jewelry, and possess a deep understanding of diamonds.

Discover the exclusive Black Label Collection at select Authorized De Beers Forevermark Jewelers.

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