De Beers Forevermark diamonds illuminate the runway at Bibhu Mohapatra New York Fashion Week FW20 show


We are once again delighted to have returned to the runway during New York Fashion Week to showcase statement De Beers Forevermark diamond jewelery designs in partnership with the exceptionally talented Bibhu Mohapatra for his FW20 show and Narayan Jewellers.

For his Fall/Winter 2020 collection Bibhu drew inspiration from the modern Indian woman. In addition to showcasing Bibhu’s latest collection, models were also dressed in exclusive De Beers Forevermark diamond jewelry, from the Empress collection, designed by Narayan Jewellers and crafted with De Beers Forevermark diamonds.

The modern Indian woman

Inspired by the modern Indian woman, Bibhu’s collection ties together the history of women throughout Indian culture, and examines the evolution of Indian women throughout history. The result is a celebration of today’s resilient women, who demonstrate their strength and courage against all odds, showcasing the incredible strides that they have made both personally and professionally.

This is the fifth time De Beers Forevermark, our fine jewelry partner and I have collaborated with Ketan and Jatin Chokshi of Narayan Jewellers, who have created an exquisite collection of fine jewelry crafted with carefully selected De Beers Forevermark diamonds, named “The Empress Collection”.
Bibhu Mohapatra

Infused with traditional Indian crafts

From the world of traditional Indian textiles and arts along with modern architectural silhouettes, the collection incorporates bold color and texture and is made using sustainable organic cotton fabrics. Featuring embroidered embellishments, intricate surface treatments, custom laces, metallic foiled tulle, lux cashmeres and rich velvets, the collection shows off the exquisite craftsmanship of Bibhu’s designs.

Diamonds in the sky

Complementing the exquisite artistry of the clothing collection and radiating on the runway are the exclusive jewelry pieces that are part of the Empress collection. 

Each statement piece in the collection is crafted with beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced De Beers Forevermark diamonds and are set in 18K white and rose gold. Comprising ear climbers, ear jackets, chandelier earrings, asymmetrical earrings, stackable rings and cocktail handcuffs, the pieces are so delicately and intricately designed to create a statement-making look that will shine bright on the runway.   

Inspired by nature with a particular focus on the universal concept of the solar system, each piece features a beautifully entwined combination of flowers, centipedes, dew drops, sun, moon and stars resulting in a collection that is a truly stunning combination of unique vision and flawless craftsmanship.

The Empress collection crafted with carefully selected De Beers Forevermark diamonds is for the strong and independent woman and is thoughtfully designed to accompany Bibhu Mohapatra’s newest Fall Winter 2020 runway collection, which celebrates today’s, resilient woman.
Mr. Jatin Chokshi, Jewelry Designer & Co-Owner, Narayan Jewellers

The runway story

Striking and stunning, each fashion and jewelry look radiated down the runway. To complete the aesthetic and show off the opulence of the fashion and jewelry designs, the models looks were finalized with a bold and bright, winged eyeliner look, whilst their hair was pulled back into a sleek low bun, with flashes of color running through it to perfectly complement their outfit.

A runway to remember

We feel honored, for the fifth time, to be a part of such an incredible show full of exquisite clothing and jewelry designs, only made with the highest standard of precision and quality.  


Photographer – Jason Lloyd-Evans
Runway Images – Getty Images

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De Beers Forevermark X Bibhu Mohapatra

Since their New York Fashion Week debut in 2016. De Beers Forevermark diamonds have returned time and again to the runway to accessorise the vibrant collections of leading New York-based fashion designer, Bibhu Mohapatra.

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