The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection Round and Pear Diamond Drop Earrings
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The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection Round and Pear Diamond Drop Earrings

The Forevermark Tribute Collection Round and Pear Diamond Drop Earrings

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Diamond Earring Styles

Diamond Studs

Forevermark diamond stud earrings are both sophisticated and timeless. Through their simplicity and minimalist elegance, studs reveal the natural beauty of a Forevermark diamond.

Diamond Hoops

Our diamond hoop earrings showcase multiple stunning Forevermark diamonds, allowing the hoops to sparkle from front to back with elegance and refinement. 

Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond chandelier earrings are layered with beautiful tiers of cascading diamonds. A red carpet firm favorite, the earrings are stylish and glamorous.

Designed like a falling drop, the full sparkle and shine of a Forevermark diamond is revealed in our delicate drop earring designs. 

Diamond Earring Setting & Shapes

A classic setting, pavé diamond earrings consist of small carefully crafted diamonds paved close to one another. A pavé halo setting boasts femininity and a more minimalist feel, a tribute to a woman’s elegance.

Timeless beauty: A bezel setting surrounds the diamond and holds it firmly in place. The rim elegantly frames the Forevermark diamond at its heart, making a bold impact. It is one of the most secure yet sophisticated ways to hold a diamond in place.

Prong settings hold the diamond in place with small delicate claws, embellishing the diamond’s beauty. Prong settings are one of the most popular settings for stud earrings, mixing minimalist style with unique beauty.

Forevermark diamond earring designs maximize the brilliance, sparkle and uniqueness of each Forevermark diamond, allowing a woman to express herself through each piece. The shape of a diamond earring is defined by the natural shape of the diamond.


Forevermark diamonds are set into a wide range of stunning metal designs. Gold diamond earrings, yellow and white gold, are the most popular choice of diamond earrings for women.

Rose gold diamond earrings are a modern interpretation of traditional style, and the vibrant pink color is a symbol of your love.

Platinum is an exceptionally pure, rare and durable metal. Forevermark platinum earrings symbolize our commitment to beauty and uniqueness in every design