Beyond the 4Cs

At De Beers Forevermark, we go beyond the standard 4Cs, individually selecting diamonds against additional rigid criteria to ensure that only the most beautiful diamonds can become De Beers Forevermark. Scroll down to learn more.

Individual Selection

De Beers Forevermark Goes Beyond The Standard 4Cs To Individually Select Only The Most Beautiful Diamonds

While all grading reports assess diamond for color, clarity, cut and carat weight (the standard 4Cs), De Beers Forevermark individually selects diamonds against additional rigid criteria to ensure that only the most beautiful diamonds become De Beers Forevermark.

A standard grading report only tells part of a diamond’s story as the 4Cs are only four of the many characteristics of a diamond.

In fact, since every diamond is as unique as a snowflake, even two diamonds with the same 4Cs grade may not be the same and therefore not equally beautiful.

Pursuit of Absolute Beauty

De Beers Forevermark considers a number of different additional criteria when selecting diamonds to ensure that the only diamonds we choose are truly beautiful. 

The Pursuit of Beauty

The Standard 4Cs

Diamond grading is an assessment of the 4Cs. Each of the 4Cs describes one of a diamond’s core characteristics—its cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The 4Cs play a role in determining a diamond’s value. However, there is much more to a diamond's value – and beauty – than just these four traits.

The Standard 4Cs: Carat

A carat is the metric unit used to measure a diamond’s weight. One carat equals 200 milligrams, and each carat is divided into hundredths called points.


The Standard 4Cs: Cut

Cut grade is an assessment of a diamond’s Proportions and Finish.  


The Standard 4Cs: Clarity

Clarity is the measure of included features of a diamond.


The Standard 4Cs: Color

Truly colorless diamonds are very rare. A diamond’s color grade is assessed by comparing it with master diamonds of known color grades.  


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